Thursday, October 26, 2017 10:7AM
Envisioning the library’s future

To the editor:

This is in response to a statement attributed to me at the end of the article “Library project costs examined” that appeared in the Oct. 17 edition.

Most of us would agree that it is not possible to know with certainty what the future holds. Nevertheless, with regard to our Library Capital Campaign, we are on track to raise $5.5 million in private funding, and we are confident of success. Here’s why: First, we are approaching this task in a disciplined, deliberate, and well-planned manner, and we already have over $2 million in commitments. Second, the overwhelming response from those who have seen the design has been very positive, and here’s why – the new library will be attractive and flexible, and it will address articulated community needs. Third, we know that the Peterborough Town Library’s first-in-the-nation status resonates with donors. Fourth, our project is driven by a sizable cadre of concerned volunteers supported by a highly-capable and welcoming library staff and a committed board of library trustees.

No ... those of us working on this vital town project can’t divine the future, but we can envision it, and we do so with relish. We imagine a library that is beautiful, highly functional, and inviting. We foresee a vibrant community hub that is accessible by all, supports life-long learning, harnesses up-to-date technology, and provides separate and appropriate spaces for children, teens, group activities and events. We predict a resurgence of community pride following the restoration of our library’s iconic, historic building, where quiet study and homage to the past will reign.

There are several ways to learn more about the library project. You can visit the Project page on the library’s website, go to the library and visit the Project exhibit, or call the Peterborough Library Campaign Office at 924-4342.

Ron McIntire,
chairman, 1833 Society