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Letter writer’s name leads to pause

Published: 11/22/2019 5:16:51 PM
Modified: 11/22/2019 5:16:38 PM

A few weeks ago, we got a hand written letter – in very nice cursive – urging people to, in a nutshell, consume more books.

It was set to run in last week’s letters to the editor section, and then upon further inspection, the signature seemed a bit familiar to the sentiment. You see the letter writer, Reid Moore of Peterborough was asking fellow Monadnock Ledger-Transcript readers to read more. Suspicion, you might say, set in.

While we couldn’t find anything upon our search to confirm if Reid Moore was in fact a real person (no phone number, email address or physical address was included), the premise of the letter is something we felt should be shared. And if you are in fact a Peterborough resident Reid, please write again – and include a way to contact you.

Here’s the letter.

To the editor:

Having been around long enough to see Steinbeck win the Nobel prize and then to consume everything the award was based on, and now to leave the next of Toni Morrison still ahead of me, I’ve come to the shocking realization that I’m just not going to make it through all the pages I had hoped to experience. And that doesn’t even count the 2.3 million new titles getting stacked up on my bedside table every year.

So I need your help, in order to undertake a sort of literary binge. You’ve made your own news at the world’s great needs and have come at the challenge from lots of different angles. What have you loved – I mean really loved! What has inspired you to take a fresh look at views you thought were bedrock, what has made you nurse those last four pages to avoid saying goodbye to characters you’ll always remember, what injustices have made you so angry you felt you needed to right them yourself, and what has made you underline and re-read sentences that absolutely took your breath away?

As a quid pro quo of my own. I offer you Julian Barnes’ “The Sense of an Ending”, William Maxwell’s “Time Will Darken It”, Bryan Stephenson’s “Just Mercy”, and ultimately Amor Towels “A Gentleman in Moscow.” I’d add Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, but that’s probably on your list too.

What about your all-time one or two? Please tell me how the climbed to that exalted peak. Why has nothing knocked them off the summit after years of challenges?

Put pen to paper and sell them to me like that first car you’ll never forget. If you respond here, then everyone else will also know and we’ll make a mass run on the Toadstool, the libraries of the Monadnock Region, and those classics we judged with Cliff Notes.

Yours literally,

Reid Moore



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