Letter: Support Coneys

Thursday, February 22, 2018 9:22AM
Support Coneys

To the editor:

To voters of Rindge: My name is Sharon Rasku; last year you voted me into a second term with the Budget Advisory Committee. Now, I’m asking you to support and vote for Tom Coneys as selectman in March.

In 2012, Tom was elected as a member and chairman of the Budget Advisory Committee and has retained that position to the current date. In 2017, Tom became a member of Capital Improvement Program Committee. With each of these positions, Tom has reviewed every request for taxpayer funds submitted and this request for needs was reviewed against town wants.

Other taxpayers who have served with Tom on the Budget Advisory Committee are Dan Aho, Andrew Alajajian, Don Cook, Susan Emerson, Bruce Hall, Bob Hamilton, Roberta Oeser, Jim Qualey, Aaron Seppala, Sam Seppala, Kale Stenersen and Rick Sirvint.

Sharon Rasku