Fernald for Senate

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:21PM
To the editor:

We support Mark Fernald for state Senate, District 9. Here’s why.

Mark is willing to address the third rail of New Hampshire politics, New Hampshire’s tax system, and to explain why doing nothing is no longer an option.

More than two-thirds of all state and local taxes raised in New Hampshire are property taxes. We all know that the crushing weight of those property taxes falls too heavily on the most vulnerable in our region – the young who are hoping to find a foothold in life and the old who are being priced out of their homes. At the same time, New Hampshire is underfunding its critical needs: public schools, infrastructure, mental health, drug treatment.

Mark’s recent opinion piece in the Monitor and Ledger-Transcript lays out the problem (“Why are your property taxes are so high?”).

Like a business, New Hampshire needs to diversify its sources of revenue. And a fairer tax system is needed.

This isn’t new. What’s new is that Mark is not reluctant to start the conversation about this politically difficult reality. If elected, Mark will sponsor legislation calling for a statewide study of New Hampshire taxes. Reform will be possible once all options are explored and the facts are made public, he believes.

Mark lives in Sharon and grew up in Peterborough. He is steeped in local knowledge of the people and history of the region. He is smart, personable, hard-working and has political and legislative experience. He was elected to the state Senate in 1998 and 2000. He was the Democratic nominee for Governor in 2002.

We hope you will vote for Mark Fernald for State Senate in the Democratic primary on Sept. 11.

Bill and Libby Reinhardt