Real solutions, not just talk

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:8PM
To the editor:

I looked at all the websites of those running for Senate, and that of Jeanne Dietsch was the only one that provided solutions as well as promises. Look for yourself. Most of the problems that we in New Hampshire seem to encounter – property taxes are an example – could be solved or lessened. Our leaders must make it easier for young families, including our own children, to afford to live here, thereby broadening each town’s tax base. Our leaders must also help make N.H.’s education competitive.

Talk is not enough.

Jeanne’s history as a successful business owner allowed her to know a lot first-hand. She created two viable start-ups, providing jobs and bringing millions of dollars into N.H.

Before being elected to anything, she talked with other business owners about their actual needs. N.H. businesses did not ask for the tax cut. Their issue did not come from money, the issue came from lack of workforce. Lack of workforce comes from lack of affordable housing and lack of good public education. Revoking unrequested business tax cuts could allow N.H. to pay teachers and municipal pensions, helping raise the percentage of meals and room taxes shared with the towns, stopping cuts in stability grants to schools.

Jeanne has the energy to elicit all points of view to a problem, to craft a good solution. She convinced the Peterborough Economic Development Administration to work on attracting young families; she created community forums on such topics as ensuring opportunity for the next generation, and nurturing civic-minded citizens. She also helped found the Maxt Makerspace and the Monadnock Valley Special Olympics Team.

Jeanne Dietsch has the energy that we need. I appreciate that. She has my vote. Yours?

Chase Wilson Roeper