On climate change and propane

Published: 5/21/2019 6:58:46 PM

On climate change and propane

To the editor:

I am very concerned with climate change and believe we all need to do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Sometimes, though, surprising obstacles can make it difficult. Recently we worked hard to reduce our use of propane, dropping below 500 gallons per year. Patting ourselves on the back, we were brought up short when the charge for next year’s propane soared because we hadn’t met the 500 gallon discount threshold. Investigating further, we discovered that if we managed to get our usage down below 250 gallons, the price per gallon would be doubled. That would mean we’d pay the same for 250 gallons of propane as we would for 500 gallons! Quite a penalty to pay for trying to save the earth.

This pricing model for propane may have been acceptable in the past but it is absolutely irresponsible at a time when energy conservation should be rewarded - not penalized.   No company offered a discount for one bulk delivery with on-the-spot payment so that we could pay a lower price while also cutting our usage over time. The price per gallon at all the companies I called were based solely on annual usage and you were penalized if you cut back. We desperately need a new model now.

Tricia Saenger


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