Letter: Backing Tom Coneys

Thursday, February 22, 2018 9:23AM
Backing Tom Coneys

To the editor:

I urge the voters of Rindge to support Tom Coneys for selectman.

I have served with Tom for six years on the Budget Advisory Committee. He is extremely knowledgeable about municipal financial matters, vehicles, insurance and employee/employer relations. Tom possesses a remarkable combination of thoughtful intelligence, a strong work ethic, experience and a mature and good-natured temperament. I have never heard him express hostility or sarcasm to anyone.

Tom always researches his positions and even if you disagree with him, you will learn something from him. Over the years his mantra has been, “Let’s take care of the taxpayers and give town employees what they need to do their jobs.”

The people of Rindge will benefit enormously by having this fine gentleman in a position of executive town leadership.

Rick Sirvint