More on Hillary, Trump, Pence

Friday, August 10, 2018 3:56PM
To the editor:

I’m responding to Corinne Joly’s letter that butchered mine.

My quote was wrong, “They wouldn’t think of investigating Hillary,” instead it should be “The left has no interest in indicting her.” If she’s so innocent, as Joly believes, then why did the FBI say that Hillary used a program called Bleachbit and destroy devices with hammers, thus wiping out 33,000 e-mails? Being the so-called smartest woman in the world, Hillary was notorious for using “I don’t know” and “I can’t recall” during the investigations.

As for the remark that Trump believes in Christian values, I never said he was a Christian, although hopefully someday he comes to a true and living repentance and receives Christ for his salvation. Also repent to the offended wives. I find someone like Jimmy Carter hypocritical when claiming to be a born-again Christian and then he sticks with a party that hates Biblical truths. He never fought like Trump has to stop funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars who murder tens of millions of unborn children and sell their body parts.

Also Trump doesn’t go around the country like Obama to support gay marriage (who used to be firmly against it) nor would Trump support suing a company out of business for not baking a gay wedding cake. Perhaps the Trumps have worn clothes from China, as Corinne says, but Bill Clinton, while in office, had a hard time keeping his American clothes on.

Ironically one of Joly’s worst enemies is Pence, who not only believes in Christian values but lives it. Furthermore do you recall the mockery from the hypocritical left when Pence refused to socialize with other women without his wife present? So which do you hate more, Trumps womanizing or Pence’s Christianity? Your party hates the latter by far.

Brian Somero

New Ipswich