Downward spiral toward ungodliness

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 10:32AM
Downward spiral toward ungodliness

To the editor,

Our nation has greatly advanced in knowledge through high education but in some ways we’ve become stupid. For example, great scientists have successfully sent men to the moon and robots all the way to mars in search of water and signs of life but can’t tell when life begins in the human womb.

Our knowledge of languages and medical terms is unprecedented but the definition of “marriage” has been clouded perhaps even unknown.

The study of the human anatomy is genius but with the advancement of transsexuals we can no longer figure out which bathroom and locker-room for them to use.

Our forefathers in all their great wisdom couldn’t imagine such depraved thinking.

After Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful bid to the White House, she spoke of a day when another feminist will rise up and break through the glass ceiling meaning that a woman will some day be president.

I have a very simple and quick solution to her wish using the modernized thought process. All President Trump has to do is say that he’s really a woman trapped in a man’s body. To emphasize the point he, or should I say she, can then change the name Donald to Donna. In two very simple steps, Donna will break that glass ceiling.

Since Hillary and all her cohorts love the advancement of perversion I would love to hear their response to this one.

One correction though; it’s not so much stupidity that we’ve attained but much more it’s the deliberate downward spiral to ungodliness.

Brian Somero

New Ipswich