Letter: A modest proposal

Published: 5/7/2019 1:48:51 PM
A modest proposal

To the editor:

There are so many outsiders moving to Peterborough these days, I think we need to take action.

I moved here only a year and a half ago, and I’ve met five people who have moved here since. Most are liberals, spendthrifts and have children draining us of our resources.

Since most good families have been here since Peterborough’s founding in 1760, I offer a modest proposal: Only individuals from Peterborough families at least three generations old should be entitled to vote, in town elections or otherwise.

Exceptions for those whose relatives served in the Revolutionary or Civil Wars will be made, of course.

Under no circumstances should anyone who taught at Harvard be allowed to vote, in any election.

Also, one must show proof of at least 40 years of age to vote; not that those under 40 do anyway, but let’s make it official. Anyone over 65 will also be disqualified. Those under 40 and over 65 are to be deemed non-essential residents, with rights subject to regular, arbitrary evaluation by a special board of “selected” third-generation residents.

This type of bold thinking will quickly clean up the fancy, intellectual and so-called progressive ideas that plague our town, and its people – its real people.

Strong nativist thinking by strong Americans has always been the pillar of American success.

I believe it will deliver for Our Town the future we have always deserved from our town – the past we were never part of, a truly imaginative past that we will hyperbolize and romanticize forever.

These were the good ole’ days – when the unathletic kept their mouths shut and kept reading, the middle class stayed in their place and went back to work, and the bullies always won.

Together… and by together, I mean only some of us… we will Make Peterborough Great Again.

Michael Strand


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