Author in ‘Deep Water’ over dean play

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:18PM
To the editor:

The Monadnock-Ledger Transcript’s July 31 piece on Ken Sheldon’s new play, Deep Water, based on the 100-year-old murder of Dr. William Dean, shows that “Konspiracy Ken” is up to old tricks again.

Sheldon, known for his Frost Heaves performances supporting pink-neck sympathizers and other right-of-center-wingless deniers of climate change, has struck once more.

Claiming “For this play, I wasn’t free to make things up,” Sheldon ignores his own advice and latches on to widely-discredited alternative-fact scenarios. Incredibly, Sheldon says, “Sticking to the facts wasn’t hard ... there are so many (of them).” After which, he takes on the role of newspaperman Bert Ford, who actually covered the events for the Boston American.

Astonishingly, Sheldon-as-Ford labels the extensive Dean coverage as “faux media.” When Dr. Dean’s wife Mary is not indicted for her husband’s murder, Sheldon, incensed, introduces a Greek chorus to his supposed one-man play (the chorus is all-female, somehow allowing the author to circumvent Actors’ Equity “one-man, one-play, one-pay” conventions). The chorus takes up a now-familiar chant that reaches a crescendo by play’s end: “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!”

Speaking from Washington, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders commented, “This is American history with no fake-news filters!” She went on to say that President Trump was so pleased with the production that he has issued “pardons to any citizen of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, who might subsequently be swept up in this vicious witch hunt.”

Trump added, “Sheldon’s getting the Pulitzer on the same day I’m getting my Nobel. The faux media be damned!” Trump then tweeted: “CROOKED MARY DEAN! LOCK HER UP!”

Daniel Sullivan