Letter: Property values in ‘Little Michigan’

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:17AM
Property values in ‘Little Michigan’

To the editor:

Sad to read about Rindge residents who recently bought their dreamhome in “Little Michigan.” Concern about reduced property values due to increased camping in the area is real to them, but real estate, values, rights, roads, approvals — that’s unreal, out of control in the hands of violating manipulators, officials that are paid to work for Rindge. 67 Loop Road, at auction sold for $1,500.00? According to BOS meeting and records, this property was tax deed “refused,” not owned by Town. Days later — sold by Town at auction. Just one bidder — $1,500.00! BOS meeting, June 2017, property owner complains, applies for tax abatement on 15 acres based on price he paid at auction. Applies, receives. People of the Little Michigan “residential” map, line up, apply for tax abatements based on recent auction price of 67 Loop Rd. Property taxes go way down. Yay. Nay for some financing that becomes null, fraudulent, worthless. Sorry.

Rindge’s Code Enforcer/Assessing Clerk tells concerned Ms. Newton “never assume a lot is un-buildable” yet Assessing Clerk brings to Selectmen meeting March 9, 2016, a property owner request for two abatements, two lots Assessing Clerk calls “unbuildable,” asks BOS to bypass decision of the NH State approved assessor, reduce two properties back to $500 each and change KRT Appraisal’s recorded assessments. The lot sold recently in LIttle Michigan with house to come down, is “grandfathered,” definitely “buildable.” Red Gate Lane, Rindge a house was approved built on .09 acre. That same neighborhood, zoning changed, one day — “Recreational”, next - “Residential.” My advice: Don’t be booting your happy campers, they, like you found their dream... camp. Boot ones in Rindge allowing your (our) land to become violated. Violations approved by government you trust, pay taxes to, in order to live in peace, harmony, health and happiness, equally with your neighbors, in the dream land you chose in the USA. Advise reading Rindge’s BOS, PB, ZBA meeting minutes, view videos if available (3/9/2016 Rindge BOS is). See wrongs, have questions, report to Town Administrator. Inequities found arbitrarily issued by officials demand attention, correction. This land is our land. Hold accountable those holding the accounts.

Jo Swanson