Letter: Consider the cost of development in Rindge

Friday, September 22, 2017 10:2AM
Consider the cost of development

To the editor,

In response to Dave Drouin’s Sept. 5 letter, correction noted. It was you, not Rindge Code Enforcer/Assessing Clerk Dave Duvernay, that made the truthful statement regarding not assuming any lot unbuildable that I mistakenly put on Duvernay.

But it wasn’t you, Dave, on April 16, 2013, that told a fellow Rindgite landowner they had until 2016 to unmerge their one property into three lots? Or was it you Dave that on July 22, 2014, laid out those three unmerged lots (two of which had no frontage on street) in a plan for the landowner to present to the board for acceptance (with note of septic on or near a spring)? Or was it you on Sept. 6, 2016 that approved a subdivision (part residential/agricultural zone and part village zone) including part of the 2014 above “unmerged” lots? Was it you on March 9 of last year that made an assessment correction, without running it by the state assessor first?

In your Sept. 5 letter, Dave, you suggested if the people don’t want building on the open land in Rindge, they should buy it, get together, conserve it...whatever. So the point I was trying to make in my Au. 29 letter was we (people) do like development. We (people) love our neighbor like our brother. Like ourselves. That’s a given. It seems from Rindge Town Hall, it’s the Dave Drouin way, at whatever destructive cost to the community, to the law of the town, state or country. Where you force through committees and boards, take control and make your neighbor your brother, your love.

Jo Swanson