Letter: There’s more to the story behind Hancock incident

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:34AM

To the editor:

I was disheartened by Mr. Drummond’s letter to the editors on Feb.15 about the woman who drove over a gentleman’s fishing equipment on the ice on Hancock’s Half Moon Pond. Calling her a “moon bat” and “just plain nuts,” “Mr. Drummond assumes that she was motivated by women’s issues, and aimed to destroy what he describes as “traditional male symbols like a blue ice bob-house, a red power auger, and a red white and blue American flag.

I’d guess that Mr. Drummond doesn’t know this woman, but I know two people who have known her for years. They describe her as gentle, kind, and caring, but they tell me she recently had a tragic neurological injury, which evidently caused her unusual behavior. Perhaps we will never know what troubled her, but the event seems unrelated to male symbols as such. For instance, women go ice-fishing – the gentleman’s daughter was present – and women use power augers, believe it or not. Most important of all, the “red white and blue American flag,” is symbolic of our great country and all its people, including the woman in question. It’s our symbol. It is not a “male symbol.

Liz Thomas