Athletic fees a bad idea

Friday, August 10, 2018 3:49PM
To the editor:

I'm writing to response to Dublin School Board representative Bernd Foecking's letter to the editor on June 7 with regard to ConVal  athletic fees.

In his letter, he discusses some of the actions of the ConVal School Board's Education Committee and their decisions. Among these are the creation of a fee-waiver fund, which would be funded by athletic fees and be used for those experiencing economic hardship. So therefore the purpose of the fees is to pay for those who can't pay them. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why have one part of the student-athletes pay for the other, when instead you could just not charge anything and dispense with all the bookkeeping?

One other thing in Mr. Foecking's letter caught my eye, which was that AP fees would be waived for students. Does he mean the College Board fees, which have to be paid regardless of what ConVal does? Or does he mean additional fees the school tacks on above and beyond that? Where will the money come from? Are student-athletes now going to pay for other students to use the fee waiver fund and take AP exams?

This athletic fee system is not a good idea.

Patrick Armstrong