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Letter: A message of empowerment

Published: 6/12/2019 10:36:02 AM
A message of empowerment

To the editor:

My name is Isabel Dreher and I just graduated as a member of the ConVal class of 2019. All in all, I was very pleased with the ceremony, and this is a sentiment that I have found is shared by a vast majority of my class.

However, I’ve noticed some backlash and slander regarding the message from our faculty speaker, Dr. Moira Milne. Frankly, I find that the only opinions that should matter regarding this speech are those of the graduating class, which seem to be fiercely positive. Dr. Milne’s message was that, as the class of 2019, the biggest assignment we have ever had is to work to reverse climate change, and she believes that our class has the diligence and intelligence to take it on.

Each year, the senior class chooses one individual from the entire faculty to speak. This year, Dr. Milne won overwhelmingly, and with good reason. Most of us have had one or many classes with Dr. Milne. She is also one of the most highly educated people in our building. Dr. Milne has a PhD in biochemistry and was just named the top STEM teacher in New Hampshire. Please rest assured that every word of her speech was pure fact, as she is a scientist. Climate change is not political.

Furthermore, I believe that Dr. Milne knew her speech would be cause for attacks on her and the school. She gave the speech anyway. To me, and to my class, her willingness to face this slander shows just how much Dr. Milne loves and believes in us. Her final message was one of empowerment to my generation, and ConVal needs more people willing to take risks for the sake of our future, like Dr. Milne did.

Thank you, Dr. Milne, for all you do.

Isabel Dreher


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