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Letter: Nazi slur over planning board debate

Published: 10/16/2019 12:19:55 AM


To the editor:

The recent LTE “We need the Planning Board” bothered me in the regard that it insulted and made assumptions about the people who are questioning whether or not the Peterborough Planning Board is a relevant committee in our small rural town.

I am a member of the Planning Board and I also question its value. Considering that the same end result could be achieved in a simpler, perhaps fairer and less emotional manner using the resources of the Community Development Director following the existing Zoning Ordinances and having the applicant go to the Zoning Board of Appeals if they would like a variance, maybe that would be a better approach.

I also had a very hard time with the letter writer’s references to Hitler and the Nazis because:

No. 1: I have Jewish relatives (my daughter’s late grandmother survived the Holocaust) and referencing the Holocaust, to garner a hateful emotional reaction, in a letter that is about as mundane a topic as a Planning Board, minimizes their suffering and in some cases cruel, torturous executions.

No. 2: Allowing people who are perceived as working class to “question authority” and explore whether or not a Planning Board is an unnecessary bureaucratic waste of time and money is an exercise in democracy – i.e., wouldn’t it be worse if those of us who have more money and privilege were to silence their voices and treat them as though they are not equal and important members of our community?

I believe that all voices need to be heard and that all opinions regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, orientation, gender identity and political affiliation should be valued and respected.

Judy Wilson Ferstenberg

Peterborough Planning Board
& Co-Chair Peterborough
Republican Committee


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