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Letter: Fill time with value for family

Published: 3/23/2020 6:32:17 PM


To the editor:

The current situation is a new experience. It is a new experience for parents and students. It is also a new experience for teachers, principals, members of the school district’s leadership, and the politicians who are tasked to apply and create law for the new reality.

Much of what we are experiencing was unthinkable just a few days ago. Solutions are as new as the problems they have been asked to answer. From my current perspective, we in ConVal have benefitted from a sound plan, a plan that was started as soon as the need for it became apparent. It is being executed with fidelity and thought. Beyond learning, the plan looks to the needs of families and assures some level of nutritional security. Well done, ConVal.

Incorporating something unseen and complex will most likely uncover some mistakes, inadequacies, or thoughts that should have been but weren’t.

Experiencing the reality at home, navigating unemployment or home office while trying to also do justice to our children will likewise not be foolproof. We have to give ourselves the freedom to fail our own expectations, to cut corners, to do what is necessary.

Many cultures have gone through significant interruptions of educational systems. History shows that kids will be OK. Our students are resilient. Children are resilient. They are also curious learners who can benefit from many different forms of exposure.

My appeal to us parents is that we use the tools and help given by our district as much as we can and want. My second appeal is to first and foremost enjoy our children at home. Let’s look at what we can do, how we can fill this time of uncertainty with value for our family. If a piece of homework will go undone, if a day, two days, a week of being at home seems to be unproductive, please forgive yourself and your children. Have fun. Maybe, in a few weeks, in a few months, you will look back and realize that you don’t recall a single math lesson, but the game of Parcheesi or the afternoon strolling through Casalis.

Allow yourself to interpret Remote Learning in a way that fits your family.

When this is over, our ConVal teachers will skillfully reconnect our children to the curriculum part of learning.

Bernd Foecking


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