Letter: A reminder that someone cares

Published: 6/12/2019 10:35:05 AM
A reminder that someone cares

To the editor:

My name is Cormac Newman, and I’m a student at ConVal High School. Or rather, I was. I graduated on June 8, surrounded by loving friends, families and teachers. After listening to multiple inspiring speeches and poems, the Class of 2019 walked off the field and left ConVal for the last time.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from numerous talented educators, including the faculty speaker, Dr. Moira Milne. Per tradition, the senior class is allowed to vote for their commencement speaker, choosing from the entire staff. Overwhelmingly, we elected Dr. Milne to speak.

Sitting under a perfect blue sky, we listened to Dr. Milne introduce herself before beginning her roughly 10-minute address. Dr. Milne started off by congratulating us, and remarking on some of our class’s best qualities, including our tenacious devotion to assignments. She then brought up an issue that becomes more pressing with every second: climate change. Likening it to a final assignment for our class, Dr. Milne went over the many ways in which humans have negatively impacted the environment, and how our generation can work to reverse them. Though graduation speeches are typically more retrospective, her speech boldly highlighted one of the biggest challenges we face going forward.

After seeing some negative comments about the content of Dr. Milne’s speech on social media today, I felt compelled to write a letter of support. While it’s disheartening to be reminded that grown adults are often so dismissive of the effects of climate change, Dr. Milne’s speech was a comforting reminder that someone cares about the future of my generation.

For ConVal’s sake, I hope that they can embrace speeches like Dr. Milne’s in future ceremonies. On behalf of the ConVal student community, we thank Dr. Milne for all her contributions.

Cormac Newman




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