Letter: A mother's plea

Published: 6/12/2019 12:13:43 AM
A mother's plea

Our youngest just got his driver's license and I'd like to say a few things to already licensed operators out there:

1. You tailgate my son while he is going the speed limit then complain when a young driver speeds. You are setting a dangerous example for inexperienced drivers.

2. You break the law by passing him on a double yellow line and then consider a young driver a jerk for doing the same. Where do you think they learned it?

3. You cut my son off or pull out in front of him last-minute and then wonder why young drivers make some of the poor decisions they do. They are following the example you set for them.

All these things and more have happened while I was in the car with him TRYING to teach him to be a considerate and respectful driver. Tell me, how the hell I am supposed to do that when there are more of you idiots on the road setting bad examples compared to the relatively short amount of time I have to counter all your bad driving?

After making it through 3 Driver's Ed classes with 3 children, plus over 40-hours of drive time with each one, I'd rather be on the road with beginners than most experienced drivers out there.

Think about the example you are setting the next time you feel compelled to be an idiot on the road.

This mom will greatly appreciate your consideration of my child's safety and the positive example you are setting. It's a win-win for you, me, my child, and everyone else on the road!

Michelle Sanborn


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