Letter: A deeply humbled selectwoman

Published: 6/12/2019 10:21:43 AM
A deeply humbled selectwoman

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to thank our town officials and the citizens of Peterborough for acknowledging my 12 years of service as a selectwoman. Every time I travel on Grove Street, I will see the street sign, Miller Way, at the entrance to the Riverwalk parking lot. The sign will remind me of how fortunate I have been, and what a privilege it was, to serve all of you.

But the recognition belongs to those of you who live in Peterborough. It’s because of your vision for this town, your confidence in town administration and your approval of the warrant article that we have a Riverwalk parking lot and a street named Miller Way!

I have served on town boards for more than 16 years. I know first-hand the importance of our 17 boards, commissions and committees. It is volunteers, who take care of our parks and gardens, oversee our recreation programs, write our zoning and prepare our budgets, helping us run the town… adhering always to our vision and master plan.

The federal government places a value on volunteerism. In New Hampshire, the value of volunteerism is $25.52 per hour. Last year I estimated the number of volunteers and the hours they worked. Peterborough volunteers are worth a million dollars! Clearly, the town couldn’t afford to pay them!

Meeting future challenges will not only require enthusiastic and dedicated elected officials and paid administration, but also the active participation of concerned and engaged citizens.

If you have ever seen something in town that made you think, “Why doesn’t somebody do something about that,” please realize that you are the “somebody.” I encourage you to volunteer for one of our many committees and help Tyler Ward, Karen Hatcher and Bill Taylor run the town. You will be glad you did.

With deep appreciation,

Barbara Miller




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