Mock crash highlights need for prom safety

  • ConVal students film a segment to be broadcast Friday morning during Project Crash, a schoolwide forum that will address driving safety. The school’s prom is May 21.

Monday, May 09, 2016 6:54PM

The ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force will present a mock car crash at the high school Friday at 9 a.m. The initiative, called Project Crash, aims to send a hard-hitting reminder of the dangers and consequences of unsafe driving behaviors — such as distracted and/or impaired driving and not buckling up — prior to prom. ConVal will hold its prom on May 21.

The event includes a video presentation (created by ConVal students), a live performance and a 30-minute discussion guided by a panel of experts.

The ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force is also using the event to remind parents, grandparents, and caregivers about the importance of talking with their teen(s) to reinforce teen driving laws and responsible passenger conduct.

“Mock crashes are a dramatic presentation to educate teens about the potential consequences of poor driving decisions,” says Emily Daniels, chair of the ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force.

ConVal students involved in Project Crash include: (student actors) Josh and Dan Curran, Carly Sell, Shea Ellis, Kaylin Krslovic, Madeline Garland, Sasha Brock, Danny Parker; (student volunteer) River Marmostein, (student film maker) Isaac Bacon, (SADD members) Leah Stone, Dominique Wheeler, Haddie Kendall, Emily Voorhees, Keenan Wilson, Lizzie Nute, and Sarah Dauphinais.