Monday, September 26, 2016 5:53PM
Jaffrey recycling numbers for Aug.

With the recent addition of a new scale at the Transfer Station, the station hopes to report on a regular basis the recycling activity at the Jaffrey Transfer Station by the residents of Jaffrey.

In August, a total of 15.7 tons of marketable recyclables were processed at the Jaffrey Transfer Station and is broken down as follows:

Commodity, Tons Recycled

Mixed Paper, 7

Cardboard, 5.4

Plastics, 2.7

Aluminum, 0.6

These items represent approximately $1,932 in estimated revenue to market and a disposal fee avoidance of $1,331. In addition, 47.7 tons of scrap metal was sent to market in August realizing a revenue and avoidance cost of $5,864. The total savings to the town is $9,166.