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The loss of Pete Drew

Published: 9/10/2019 12:18:18 PM

There’s a big black cloud over our town….

Thursday, Aug. 29, we lost our brother Pete Drew. And on Tuesday, Sept. 3, family, friends, and co-workers came together to honor his life and give him a warm send-off.

If you knew Pete or knew of him – you loved him, and he probably loved you. Pete made everyone who met him feel at ease with his beautiful blue eyes and warm gentle smile. He was not an angel we do know, but he sure was close.

The Curtis family remembers at holiday dinners Pete was sat at the kids table – but he never complained. Eventually, he graduated to the “big people table” getting nods of approval for finally making it.

Pete’s nephew Tim remembers Pete’s bachelor party in Vegas, when Pete dared him to slide down this large curved staircase railing – and he wiped out half way down. Pete just looked at him & said quietly, “Sorry ‘bout that bud…”

Pete’s older brother Jim recalls a time Pete called and said, “I’m boilin’ down tonight, come on over”. Pete was so proud of his maple syrup shack. That night was when Jim really found out the man Pete had become and it made him so proud. Pete had always worked on lots of projects while working through a lot of physical pain to be sure his family was provided for.

Pete’s older brother Mike remembers Pete as hard-working and hard-playing. Pete would send him songs to listen to – some of which could only be played in certain company. Working with Pete for a day turned into working together for ten years – sometimes in silence like a well-oiled machine to get jobs to come out perfectly. “Pete was my little brother and my best bud. I’ve always been proud of him and I’m gonna miss him.”

Pete loved his baby sisters too. He fiercely protected and watched out for them. On those rare occasions when his male friends were brave enough to get too close to Julia or Emily, Pete would slowly lean in and politely suggest, “Back up... just a little.”

Pete had a special relationship with mom too, checking in on her, sharing a meal, just making sure she was okay. His incredible sense of humor would just crack her up, and his own laugh was simply contagious to anyone within listening distance.

His children Jake and Riley – he could not have been prouder of. He spoke so highly of their accomplishments, and mostly of who they have become as people, and his pride clearly shone through his nonstop smile when speaking of them. He never took any credit for it – he gave it all to Carrie.

Over 25 years ago Pete was showing off his new girlfriend, Carrie - “cutie – patootie” he called her. We would catch him just gazing at her – lost in love. For almost 24 years of marriage Carrie tolerated him using a concrete form to fix just about anything around the house – not many women would do that. Carrie, only you could have taken Pete for who he was and stood by him the way you did. You were my brothers rock, his true love, and your heart was as big as his. We thank you for loving him all these years, and being true to your vows – through good times and bad.

I never saw such a rugged “manly-man” love his family, his friends, and everyone he worked with so freely. He genuinely cared for each and every one of the guys he worked with. Pete was a true gentle giant, always either holding or playing with a kid, and somehow he was always able to see the bright side of things. His heart was bigger than any I’ve known – always giving, caring, watching out for us, making us laugh, encouraging us to keep going and to never give up.

There are just so many lives Pete touched in his short 47 years…. but he has left an expansive void in all our hearts, in our families, in our workplaces, and in this world – a forever void. Pete has gone to sit with our dad and now will peacefully watch over the rest of us.

You have gone first and so we all remain. We will see you in the rustling leaves and hear your voice in the wind. Walk slowly down that long, long path, for soon we will follow you and finally meet again.

Pete – We Love Ya Kid.

The Drew family wishes to warmly thank FORM-UP Foundations for a beautiful procession of trucks in Pete’s honor and helping with funeral expenses; the Cournoyer Funeral Home, St. Patricks Church and Fr. Bill, the United Church of Christ and Owen Houghton, Jim Eddies for catering, the Jaffrey VFW, Candy Curtis for Pete’s last haircut, and the Jaffrey Fire and Police Departments for your part in helping us honor our brother’s life.

With deep appreciation,

Mary Drew, Big Sister.

Mary Drew lives in Jaffrey.

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