Fish and Game committed to denying mountain lions in N.H.

Thursday, October 26, 2017 10:7AM

Interesting about the mountain lion, and also about the view offered by N.H. Fish and Game, claiming that mountain lions haven’t been here since 1857. That’s simply not true. People have been seeing them for years in this area – not many, to be sure and not often – and most but not all sightings could have been of the same mountain lion, the exception being a juvenile found dead near Miller State Park on Route 101.

I saw a mountain lion in my field in 2012, and my husband and I saw one cross East Mountain Road in 2010. My son saw one cross that road in 2014. Fish and Game might claim we mistook a bobcat for a mountain lion, but a bobcat is as different from a mountain lion as a spaniel is from a bulldog. I did a long-term study of mountain lions in Colorado – no other cat of that size in North America looks anything remotely like them.

Also puzzling, at least to me, is the account by Fish and Game that the mountain lion that was killed in Connecticut was also sighted in Canada and New York. Fish and Game claims that those of us who have seen mountain lions lack evidence, yet offers no evidence that this was the same mountain lion. Why not? Because there is no evidence. We should realize that Fish and Game is committed to denying the presence of mountain lions in New Hampshire. That’s their position, they must promote it, and some of them admit it privately, but it simply isn’t true.

Just for the record, there’s no evidence that mountain lions attack people here, although they do in other areas. Animal populations have cultures, just as we do, and so far the New Hampshire mountain lions don’t attack us, probably for cultural reasons. Even so, I take care to look behind myself now and then when I’m walking alone along a country road at night.

Liz Thomas