A better way to handle immigration

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:50AM

In recent weeks there has been an intensification of heart-breaking and deeply upsetting stories and images of thousands of desperate immigrant children from Mexico and Central America being separated from their parents after illegally entering the United States. This problem has been increasing in this country, as well as in Europe, where they are facing similar problems with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Too many people are leaving their own countries to seek better living conditions in the United States because of what’s happening to and in their own countries. As of 2015, some 11.5 million first-generation Mexicans (people born in Mexico) – nearly 10 percent of the population – had emigrated to the United States, while over 20 percent of El Salvador’s 6.3 million people had done the same. If you consider first-to-third generations (including children and grandchildren of those who emigrated to the United States), a shocking 28 percent of the Mexican population and 35 percent of the Salvadoran population fled their countries.

Why is this happening at all and, even worse, becoming increasingly desperate for so many people? This is a question that virtually no one is asking or even considering. We are only thinking and acting about what it is doing to us – the same concern as the Europeans. We cannot manage all these desperate people flooding into our societies. It must be stopped!

So again – why is it happening? It’s happening because of conditions that have been and are being imposed on the people of these countries, to a great degree intentionally and forcefully by political and economic policies inflicted on these people as a way of depopulating the earth to assure more benefits and longevity for those of us in the wealthier nations in the Northern Hemisphere. The welfare of people and their leaders in these countries has been looted by business and governmental policies and practices that have been imposed on them, leaving their own ways of life in desperate and constantly diminishing straits. It becomes impossible to live in the environments that are being created for them, and they either die or try to leave to survive.

Americans and Europeans need to wake up to what has been going on and done consciously to cause this problem – the effects of City of London and Wall Street financial greed, the unleashing of perpetual and deadly wars, the creation of narco-terrorist gangs, some of which have been spawned in or by the United States.

But there is also a way out of this devastating problem, and creative efforts are already underway.

The economies and living conditions of these countries need to be revived, so that the people don’t have to leave, but can happily and prosperously stay where they are – or were.

China and Panama are already building the first leg of a high-speed rail line from Panama City to the border of Costa Rica, whose government has made clear it intends to extend that rail line through its own territory. The ultimate goal of this project, under the aegis of the New Silk Road Initiative that is changing the focus of human activity in much of the world, is to construct this high-speed rail line up across North America and through a proposed tunnel beneath the Bering Strait to connect with the Eurasian Land-Bridge across Asia to Europe.

A related project of this New Silk Road Initiative involves the construction of deep-water ports and associated industrial parks in Ponce, Puerto Rico, (part of the United States) and Mariel, Cuba. These would serve as central hubs for shipping to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts in the United States, to be integrated with the recently expanded Panama Canal and the construction of the proposed Nicaraguan Grand Oceanic Canal that would require thousands of skilled jobs and provide productive employment for hundreds of thousands across Central America.

People and countries throughout the world are thinking and planning – and already acting – in relation to these new possibilities for the renewal of human survival and restorative human life.

Why is the American media so quiet on these matters, and thus so many American citizens ignorant of what is underway, and so hopeful and promising for people and nations elsewhere?

And why is our own country so despairing and divided, and opioid addiction so attractive to so many among us? That’s just another form of emigration from a desperate and hopeless situation.


Douglas Williams lives in Peterborough.