‘It could be the primary route’

Groups of residents in Mason and Rindge are beginning to band together in opposition to a proposed natural gas pipeline that could be routed through their communities, as well as New Ipswich and Greenville. The Rindge Select Board has come out firmly in opposition to the project, while … 0

Learning about going green

The Harris Center in Hancock was remodeled 11 years ago to the highest green and energy-efficient standards. So you think that even close scrutiny of the building wouldn’t turn up much to fix — but you’d be wrong, … 0

Bobcat’s Tail: Eight points about antlers

There are few defining features in nature more iconic than the majestic antler racks of deer and moose. But there’s a lot people don’t know about them. Here are eight points about antlers. 1. Antlers are different from … 0

Reimers Reason: Just passing through: the story of fracked gas, the Northern Pass, and tar sands in New Hampshire

With no east-west interstate and a wild northern section, New Hampshire has long been more of a destination than a pass-through state for human travelers. However, fossil fuels are passing through all the time. Several existing pipelines already … 0

Jaffrey: Chamber auction on one-year hiatus

The Jaffrey Chamber will not be holding its annual Monandock Arts Auction this year, as organizers ready to revamp the yearly fundraiser in hopes of breathing new life into the event. This is a second blow to the … 0

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First settlers: A family affair
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Who do you plan on voting for in the 2014 NH Senate race?