Dog Tales: Dogs are dogs and humans are humans

I’m telling you, your dog is not sorry he pooped on your bed. Recently I was working with a client who has such a lovely adolescent dog I’m not sure why she called me. He lies around the … 0

Peterborough: Acupuncture finds followers

Mitty Ticknor was tired of feeling achy and dragged down by her rheumatoid arthritis, and tired of the major side effects that she was experiencing trying to manage her pain with prescription drugs. So, despite a childhood fear … 0

Bennington: ‘Someone still has to pay’ when local funds are cut

BENNINGTON — The Select Board met with state Rep. Jon Manley Wednesday evening to talk about state-level budget cuts and their impact on smaller towns. In speaking with the Select Board, Manley said that legislators and voters alike … 0

Peterborough: Potter gets 4-14 years

DOVER — Did convicted arsonist Gregory Potter deserve 4 to 14 years in prison? Not according to his family and friends, who said the 24-year-old made a drunken mistake. The prosecution and members of the Durham Fire Department, … 0

Greenville / New Ipswich / Wilton: E. coli counts up after heavy rains

After large rainstorms last week, E. coli counts in the Souhegan and Merrimack rivers are up again this week, leaving swimmers cautioned against taking a dip to cool off in the August heat. The Souhegan River had very high bacteria counts when tested by the Souhegan Watershed Association … 0