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Jeni Archer



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Published: 02-16-2024 3:17 PM

Modified: 02-19-2024 1:17 PM

After getting her certification in hypnotherapy from the HypnoRegression Institute of Blankinship Communications in Wilmington, N.C., in 2023, Jeni Archer now operates her own hypnotherapy practice, Integrated Soul, at 20 Grove St., Suite 310, in Peterborough.

On her website,, Archer defines hypnosis as “a deep, natural state of relaxation we all move into and out of several times a day, every day. When we enter it intentionally, it acts as a space where our conscious and subconscious minds can negotiate any conflict between them. This allows us a way to bypass the typical ‘filter’ system of the conscious mind and go directly to the heart of the emotion or issue residing in the subconscious.”

Archer’s job as a hypnotherapist is to support the mind through verbal repetition and mental images to get into that state of mind.

“You are driving the bus during a session here, and you will remember everything that happens,” she said.

Archer specializes in clinical regression, which focuses on fears, unhealthy patterns, stress and creative blocks; past life or ancestral regression, which focuses on understanding information connected to past-life experiences that may be connected to current questions, crises or issues; and smoking cessation, which reduces the urges that come with having a smoking addiction.

According to Archer, the goal of understanding one’s past life in more depth “can lead to the healing of past trauma and elimination of fears.” She said a session “feels like guided meditation, just a little deeper and a little different,” and that hypnosis feels “like right as you’re about to fall asleep or right after you wake up.”

Archer’s goal in her practice is to “allow people to gain empowerment and understanding of self.”

“I believe that all great hypnotherapists are skeptics,” she said.

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Sessions at Integrated Soul are by appointment only. For information, call 888-495-7450.