Letter: Rindge officials must stay true to their word

Thursday, September 07, 2017 7:10AM
Town officials: Stay true to your word

To the editor,

Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Qualey and Ms. Oeser, As a young, taxpaying citizen and public servant of the town of Rindge, I am once again disappointed in my elected officials lack of support for our town services.

The men and women of the Rindge Police Department and the town of Rindge lost a highly qualified, unique, effective and dedicated leader in Chief Todd Muilenberg. Rindge is a beautiful and interesting town. However, we are becoming less and less of a desirable community in which to live and raise a family, which is what I planned to do after I graduated from Franklin Pierce University in 2013 and purchased my first home here.

I implore my Board of Selectmen to open their eyes and ears and pay attention to the negative impacts of your decisions to continue to limit your support of our town services. Listen to what all of the citizens of this town have to say to you. You took an oath to lead our town in the correct direction to the best of your abilities, much like I and my fellow brothers and sisters of the Rindge Police and Fire Departments took an oath to protect and serve the citizens and visitors to the town of Rindge. I have stayed true to my oath and I believe that it is now your turn to stay true to yours.

Joseph Bevilacqua