‘Ripcord’ pulls off nursing home humor

  • Photo 1 (L to R) - Kathy Manfre and Lisa Bostnar Photo 2 (L to R) - Kathy Manfre, Bridget Beirne, Cory Buffaloe, Lisa Bostnar Photo by Will Howell—

  • “Ripcord” is now open at the Peterborough Players. Above: Photo 1 (L to R) - Kathy Manfre, left, and Lisa Bostnar. Below: Kathy Manfre, left, Bridget Beirne, Cory Buffaloe and Lisa Bostnar. PhotoS by Will Howell

For the Ledger-Transcript
Monday, February 19, 2018 4:56PM

The latest show at the Peterborough Players, “Ripcord,” directed by Gus Kaikkonen, is set in a nursing home. On the surface, that setting might not appear as riveting as a Danish castle, the White House or the African safari, but Kaikkonen and his crew put on a romp that shows that assisted living is anything but drab.

The plays begins when set-in-her ways Abby (Lisa Bostnar) suddenly obtains a roommate, Marilyn (Kathy Manfre) who is anything but. An expected clash of personalities leads to a very unexpected series of events that result in a thrilling, hilarious, and heartwarming series of events.

The short but sweet list of actors, who seem to be the perfect fit for each character they portray, play off of one another in a way so natural it’s hard to sort fact from fiction. The two leads, played by Bostnar and Manfre, radiate a charismatic and convincing energy between one another, which makes the already laugh-out-loud quality lines somehow even more hysterical.

The intricately designed set adds an authenticity to the whole performance, with lighting, music, and color scheme all complementing the mood of the story to a tee.

The plot also manages to encompass a whole array of themes that contrast each other, which effectively keep the audience engaged and interested as the story line progresses.

A lot of witty humor combined with just enough heart equates to “Ripcord” showing that age is really just a number.

“Ripcord” plays through Feb. 25 and is rated PG-13.

For more information on this and all upcoming events, call 924-7585 or visit www.peterboroughplayers.org.