A collection of ghoulish delights

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Local students submitted their best scary stories for our annual contest. Check out some of the best in the Oct. 29 Ledger-Transcript and read them all right here!

The Monster I Became

By Victoria Bostwick, 17

Senior, Mascenic Regional High School

You told me everything was going to be okay. You lied to me. You somehow convinced me, no you brainwashed me, into thinking there was no other choice. You would tell me day after day that I shouldn’t be ashamed of who I am. That I should embrace the person I am, the person I am becoming.

How can I come to terms with living like this?

Ever since the first night, I imagine her face everywhere…. I can’t seem to erase her face from my memory. Her pale white skin, her perfect hair, and the pain that struck in her eyes.

You told me to follow you out to the shed in the back yard where we keep the gardening tools. I thought nothing of it at the time. As we walked into the small cramped shed, you closed the door, and started to pry some floor boards up.

I stood in silence. Under the floorboards was a small door. I followed your lead and I slowly descended the ladder. I knew the day would come when I had to do it myself. But I didn’t think it would be so soon.

Before opening the heavy wooden door, you turned to me. You didn’t say a word, but I knew the look in your eyes was telling me that it was my turn do to this. You then reached out to hand me a sharp knife. I reached my hand out to grab it. My hand was shaking so, I thought I might miss the handle of the knife.

You believed I was now old enough and strong enough. I held the knife behind my back as I walked into the dusty room. There laying on the floor, chained from her ankles and from her wrists to the wall was a young woman, probably no older than myself. She awoke and rose to her feet. She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

I couldn’t back down now. I feared you would hate me if I could not man up and do it. My knees began to shake, and every step I took closer to her, my palms grew sweatier.

Something came over me and I lunged forward piercing the sharp knife through her rib cage.

A sense of relief came over me.

I knew I had made you proud Dad.

A Boy Named Dog

By Angelina Chapman, 8

Mason Elementary School

Once upon a time a little boy named Dog was outside and he was building a snowman. The snowman came to life because Dog put a potion on him making him come to life.

Dog ran into the house and he remembered he had no parent, so he was home alone. He locked the door, but the snowman went in the kitty door by melting. The snowman says “snow bobble man snow bobble man” and he turns to water. He slivered into the kitty door and small places. Once inside he finds the fire place and snow bobble man, snow bobble man he turned back to water and puts the fireplace out.

This made the boy named Dog Cold and he shivered and shivered. All was quiet then the snowman realized that because there was no fire it was very dark. The boy was scare and shook and shook and shook with fear then the snowman heard the door open and a ghost by the name of Franken fright ghost came in. The ghost found the snow bobble man and kills him with a diamond sword.

Once the snow bobble man was dead he again turned to liquid. The ghost was thirsty and he drank the snow liquid. When he was finished he turned into a snow ghost. Now that he is a snow ghost he as better super powers. With the super power he grabs and shake the shivering boy and takes him to the mountains. As they climbed the mountain they hear a graww, graawaa. It is a mountain lion the mountain lion kills the Franken snow ghost. This gives the mountain lion super powers he is able to change into skeletore by saying” Skeletore ,skeletore skeletore.” When he becomes skeletore he goes to the village flying around and around and scares everyone in the town.

He remembered the boy was in his hands and he drops him. Falling from the sky the boy drops in to slappy’s arm. Slappy brings the boy to his layer and kills him and turns the boy into a Tasmanian devil

The Tasmanian devil sneezes to declare WAR. The devil wins the war He walked to the mountain and heard roar, roar. A bob cat came out the path but kept on walking until he met the devil and they fought.

The Ghost

By Shaelan Stetzer, 9

4th grade, Hancock Elementary School

I was walking home from a very good day at school, when I saw a small girl about three years younger than me. She was crying in the cemetery.

I walked up to her and said, “Are you lost? Do you need help home?”

She answered, “Yes, I’m lost.”

So I took her home to 156 Spellington Lane. Her house looked old and weary, but I gulped and walked inside. I looked around and it looked cozy enough. There were three armchairs around a crackling fire.

“Thank you very much for bringing my baby home,” said the small girl’s mother. She turned and left.

“Come play with me,” said the little girl.

“Wait,” I said. “My name is Shae, what’s yours?”

“Er…Rebecca Matilda Edgar,” answered the little girl.

“Okay, then let’s go outside,” I said. We played for about an hour and then I had to go home for dinner.

The next day I asked the teachers at school if they knew someone named Rebecca Matilda Edgar. One of the teachers said, “three years ago, Pam Edgar, her husband, Sam Edgar, and their daughter, Rebecca Edgar were murdered.”

I gasped!

After school I went to Rebecca’s house. I walked inside. I looked around again. Rebecca and her mother jumped out.

“Ha-ha, I tricked you!” cried Rebecca.

I ran over to the fireplace and the armchairs. Rebecca and Mrs. Edgar kept marching toward me. Mrs. Edgar threw an armchair pillow at me. It hit me in the face. I felt myself falling…falling…falling into the fire.

The end.

The Living Doll

By Kritika Aryal, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

“Boo! Wake up, it’s time to decorate our lawn” shouted Natasha’s older brother, Tom. He swung his bangs across his blue eyes to get a clear view of Natasha. “Ugh” groans Natasha. With her 13 year old brother around, she would never get any sleep.

“5 more minutes” Natasha growled.

“Woah chill out dude!” said Tom in a calming voice

Natasha strongly disliked being the middle child. She was four years younger than her brother and four years older than her other sister, Kylie. She was jealous of her younger sister because she got everything she wanted with her cute hazel eyes and cute little baby teeth while she has plain old black eyes and buck teeth.

When Natasha woke up her whole family decorated the front lawn with zombies, ghosts and dolls. It was soon when Natasha realized her parents were messy painters, they were painting the pumpkins eyes evil green. Her dad also had some green paint above his light brown eyebrows. And her mom had green paint on her nice clean blond hair.

“Mom, Dad you are messy painters!” complained Natasha.

“Oh honey, Dad and I are just having fun.” replied Mom kissing her on the forehead.

When the family was done decorating the tree Natasha went back to sleep. Before she fell asleep she glanced out her window. It was raining really hard, wait that wasn’t rain it was snow! But before you know it she was fast asleep.

Her brother ran upstairs to Natasha’s room and screamed “Natasha it’s snowing outside!” but Natasha was still sound asleep. Tom had a plan, he walked downstairs trying hard to avoid the unsteady wood, but it didn’t help. Oh well, Natasha would probably never wake up! When Tom finally got downstairs he grabbed Kylie by the hand and commanded her to do something. Kylie nodded.

In Natasha’s room it was pretty scary the wind was roaring, the tree branches and the heavy snow were hitting the window and cars were honking continuously.

“Boo!” shouted a pink scary but cute doll.

“Ahhhh” Natasha said startled. The “Living Doll” cried and ran out of the room leaving a mask behind.

“Gotcha” Tom said, he was excited like a cat just found a group of mice. “Oh….my….guacamole! You have to teach me how to be a good prankster like you!” Amazed by those 16 words Tom said “Ok, but it might take a while!”


By Tasha Van Houten, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

My mom is dead. I’m used to that. But what I’m not used to are weird stalker-type people following you around. That’s just plain creepy. Hi! My name is Katie Grey, and I’m gonna tell you a story. I need to get better at that, so here I go. My sister and I were visiting my mom’s grave at the Village Cemetery in Jaffrey, It was on September fifteenth, 2014, at 5:00 pm. We stayed at the cemetery till 10:08. Our dad was out bowling, but it was super dark, so we went home anyway. I thought I saw something move in the bushes, but when I told Angelina, she said it was probably a cat, but I could swear that it was a human watching us. When we got home, we watched a couple movies, while eating popcorn. We were having a blast until the phone rang the first time. I didn’t recognize the number, so I left it. The message was a guy’s voice, but it wasn’t our dad. We listened, terrified, as the message unrolled. The guy said; “I want to see you. Come out so I can. I won’t hurt you. Please-” We were freaked out, but we forgot. Then the second phone call came. It was the same guy, with the same message. We didn’t forget this time. After a couple of minutes, he called again. We were too scared to go to bed, afraid to close our eyes in case the guy broke in and took us. I was even too scared to tell Angelina; “I told you so!” to prove I was right about a human watching us at the cemetery. We weren’t watching the movie anymore. We didn’t talk either, we were waiting for our dad to walk in, so we could tell him everything. Finally he came. We rushed up to him, even though we knew he was going to scold us for staying up so late. We told him everything. When we finally stopped, he looked amused. He told us that he had made the phone calls, just to scare us. We went to bed, and I could tell Angelina was okay, but I didn’t believe dad. So next day, we asked dad again, and he said he hadn’t called us last night. We’ve never found out who called us since

Jason and Freddy

By Arianna Eaves, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One night there was a full moon that was glowing. My brother was in the basement. I was watching T.V. in my bedroom painting my nails pink with black dots. My brother and I were home alone. I was painting my nails when I heard the front door open and I heard my mom’s china dolls getting smashed. I opened my bedroom door and I saw Jason and Freddy smashing my mom’s prize possessions like her china dolls and glass owls. My brother turned the volume up on his tv and Freddy and Jason followed the sound down to the basement. My brother screamed “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” I ran down to the basement and yelled, “Deveeeeeen.” Freddy and Jason were surrounding Deven. I went up to the top floor where there was a hole down to the basement. I yelled,‘’Jump and grab my hand.’’ He tried but he couldn’t jump high enough. I grabbed the lightest ladder and carried it to the hole. I stuck the ladder down the hole to the basement. I was thinking, how am I going to save Deven? I yelled to Deven, and said, “Come on, just jump up and grab a hold of the ladder! He couldn’t grab a hold of it. I grabbed my dad’s 25 foot rope, and put it down the hole and said, “Jump, Deven. Jump’’ Deven jumped and grabbed a hold of the rope and I pulled him up, but Jason and Freddy were now coming up stairs. We had to go back down. I told Deven to hold the rope while I was going down the rope, and then Deven jumped down the split second Jason and Freddy got up stairs. My brother and I rolled our giant hamster ball under Jason and Freddy when they jumped through the hole. They landed in the hamster ball and we closed it, and rolled them out into the woods.

The Night of the Nine Monsters

By Kaden Colby, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was dark stormy night when a kid named Josh could not see because it was pitch black. Josh went into a house. Then the doors shut. Josh realized that house was not his house. Josh said “I’m too young to die”. All the sudden torches came on. Josh than saw knights that were holding axes. He was not dumb. So he ran through the axes than the axes dropped down. Josh said “my short hair is not supposed to be cut.” Josh was scared as a rabbit.

Than he ran as fast as he could up the stairs. He ran into a room with four monsters there were two tiny creepy monsters the other monsters have saber teeth and all four were blood thirsty . Josh ran out of the room. He was breathing very hard. Next Josh saw four more monsters with horns sharper than diamonds plus vampires that shot bats. Than Josh ran everywhere on the top floor he got to the first monster room and trapped the bats in there.

Then Josh ran down through the axes again he could not get through the doors than the monster started to com down so Josh got a ax and cut the doors down and escaped. Just in time because the doors regenerated and regenerated means re grows. Josh ran home as lightning. He was safe. Josh said,” that was too close” Then he saw thousands of the monsters he saw in the haunted house and vampires. They started chasing Josh then Josh woke his friend James.

James said “why did you wake me at the middle of the night?”

Josh said “Because II don’t want you to get killed.

James said “why there are thousands of monsters and vampires and they’re blood thirsty. Remember the book that tells us that they don’t live in the sun. So we have to survive til sunrise Josh. It is 3:00 AM right now we need to wait til it is 7:00 AM. Josh said” Why?””

“Because that’s when the sun comes up which means freedom from the monsters” Josh said. “Oh look it is 6:00 am”

Then their sisters came in the room. Than James and Josh said “You blew our cover GIRLS thanks alot” Then suddenly the monsters came at 6:49 am. Just A couple more minutes. NOW it is 7:00 am. All the monsters melted.


The Voice

By Jacob Sawyer,10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Once upon a time in a small town called Littleton, Michigan, there was a boy named Charlie.

This have been a myth for 100 years, yet everyone believes it. He wrote the story that you are about to read in a journal that had been lost through severe rotting over many years of being in the rain. The story have been told many different ways in different cultures. This is the most common version of the story:

It was in 1915, just after World War I. Me and my brother Peter were playing ball with our friends Sam and Tom. It was a very close game. Sam and I were winning 6-7 at the 9th inning. At the end of the game Tom and Sam left to go home. It was getting very late. Peter and I were packing up, when Peter whispered loudly “Quiet!” then “Did you hear that?”

I didn’t get what he was talking about until i heard it too. “I’m coming for you” it said in a very deep tone. We were both soundstruck. For 5-10 seconds we couldn’t say anything. Then i said “It is gonna’ kill something!” “ It sounds like it is coming from the path in the woods!” Peter exclaimed. “We should go find it!”

We were walking for 30 minutes when I looked back and Peter was gone!

I shouted his name. “Peter!” I had no luck. I decided to go on without him, expecting that he will come along sometime or other. After 10 more minutes of finding nothing I heard the voice again. “You’re getting closer” it said in a sort of convincing way. But, for some reason, I started to go faster. Then I got up to a run. 10 more seconds and I was sprinting! I was desperate to find out what it was.

Then, suddenly, I heard a rustle in the leaves. I spun around just in time to see a black figure rise out of the leaves. “I can see you now” it said. “Now, I’m going to kill you.” I slowly started to back up. I tripped on a root and had nowhere to go. The figure pulled out a knife. But instead of feeling scared to death, I felt relieved. Peter snuck up behind it and whacked it in the back of it’s head. I heard a high, ear piercing scream. Then, It died.


By Madelyn Bergeron, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What if scarecrows were possessed? Well, I never believed in ghosts,but was I wrong?

One day Marcy and her brother John were making a scarecrow for the scarecrow contest. They went in the barn to get hay for the last of the scarecrow.

The doors behind them slammed shut. “bam”!” Did you see that Marcy”?asked john. They went to the closet and Marcy turned around there was the scarecrow. She thought John was losing his mind,but when she saw the scarecrow she was terrified. Marcy and John were so scared. The scarecrows head turned slowly. Then John screamed” run”! John and Marcy bolted through the doors.

What was that? John was out of breath.” This is just a dream”John questioned!” More like a nightmare”.whispered Marcy. They pinched each other just to make sure.

They decided to make another one but it happened again and again. So the only thing they could really do was back out of the contest. So that’s what they did. The person that controlled it was so surprised that they did. He asked”why are you baking out of the contest”? John said that”we do not want to talk about it. When they got home they realised that the scarecrow was still in the barn so they never went in there ever, ever,ever again. They forgot to tell their parents .

Thier dad went in there one day to get some tools. When he went in he saw the scarecrow. He brought it in to show the kids. The kids saw it and said to”burn it all”. So the dad got out a match and started fire. They threw the scarecrow in. They never made a scarecrow ever,ever again.

Slowly the hand of the scarecrow pulled itself out and it crawled into the woods. It comes out of the woods every halloween looking for more people to terrify. Every oct 31st it haunts anybody in the small town in NH. Marcy and John keep warning people about making scarecrows but now believes them. Soon,everyone in town has had the scarecrow haunt them so everyone moved to a different state. Then the town was abandoned for so long everyone forgot about it and never spoke about the incident ever again.

The Zombie Fighters

By Dustin Adams, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed Dustin, Bob and Connor as the zombies popped out of the bushes near the school. Dustin and Bob and Connor hit them with the swings but there were a lot more. Bob ran home because he was scared. Dustin and Connor were fighting the zombies with their fists. Connor said, “there are too many!” A cop pulled in and said “let’s get fighting“ and gave Dustin and Connor metal bats. There were a lot more. They started to hit them as hard as they could.

Connor smashed 12,123 and Dustin pounded 90,908 zombies. The cop hammered 100,000 zombies. There were a lot more in trucks inside the school. There was a person driving the trucks. The person was Bob! He wanted to smash our brains because he hates us.

Suddenly, they heard another scream! “Oh come on” said all three zombie fighters. They got in the truck and drove away. They saw the skeleton when they were in the gym. The scream came from a skeleton. There were a lot more in front of the trucks. Connor was in the back of the truck and he jumped out of the back and broke their skeletons skulls with a metal bat. The cop got bit by a zombie and he turned into a zombie. Connor said “I am sorry to do this” and broke his skull. They went out to dinner. Because they fought all the zombies, the dinner was free.

The Zombie of Coconut Cove

By Raven Groblewski, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Once, two million years ago, there was a boy. His name was Simba. He was the ugliest of his family and his world. He had one eye, four arms, and four feet. Other kids ran in fear at the sight of him. He had powers that were fire, webs, and death. He had a reputation that was killing people for years and years.

But one day he disappeared. Some thought he ran away in shame. Some thought he was just waiting to return… Then one Halloween he was awakened by the comet of the Norman Ghost. He was ready to hunt. He went to town and ate fifty kids. They were just the beginning of his hunt. No one ever forgot this day. They thought he was the scariest thing to hit them. they all grew old. But for someone like simba life was just starting.

He only came out on Halloween. He was always eating people that did not have costumes like him, or no costumes at all. What did he do with the ones that were zombies or did look like him? Well he threatened their lives if they did not eat people (So he kinda wanted them to be cannibals). If they did not well he would eat them. Soon it was a full time gig. He did it all the time with his army of wired fake zombie kids. They only went when it was night time. And when the old fake zombie army died he would eat them. Then he had to wait for next Halloween. This went on for years and years.

Then one day the humans had enough. They took all their weapons and hurtful things and went to the lost cave (that was where Simba lived). He was waiting for them. They obviously ran far out of the cave. But some people did not get out. He ate them. It was sad for some families, He was the most feared thing in the world. He was ugliest too. People tried to stop him all the time but the population decreased by hundreds each year !

His army and he were the strongest in the world. Even the army for the U.S. Could not beat them. They always ate innocent people. Soon he took over the world. He ate himself afterward.


Trick or Eat

By Eli Sawyer, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

On Halloween Sam age 11 and Eli age 9 were going trick or treating with their parents. They had one last stop which was their new neighbor that had just moved in. They had never seen him before.When they knocked on the door the neighbor opened it and said “Trick or eat.” They did not know what he meant until they looked up and saw that he was a very tall man with a wolf head. His head was dead black with blood red eyes . They started to run but the strange monster jumped jumped in front of them and yelled “GET BACK INSIDE”.

When they got back inside the monster told them that if they did not do what he said that they would never see the world again.

That was when Eli ran out. The monster could not catch him this time. The rest of the family stayed in the basement. They tried to dig through the walls but the dirt was packed to tight . They had to stay in the basement the whole night and part of the next day. They started to get worried about Eli. In the meantime Eli had gone to the police station and told the officers what had happened. When Eli and the officers arrived the monster tried to run away.The police could not catch him so they got in their cars and drove off after him after the rescued the others. He had run off into the woods so they went back to get four wheelers from the police station. They spent two nights and two days looking for him. Finally they found him back at his house. The cops said “thank you for letting us know what was happening”. They drove off with the monster.He later escaped and has not been caught. Many other people have seen him but nobody knows where he is. he might be right in your house.

Mark’s Diary

By Liam McNeill, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

October 10,1983: My dad wanted me to go hunting with him for the winter. “Yes”, I said. I grabbed my gun and went off. I climbed a tree and waited and waited. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mark.

So, back to the story. When I was in the tree I heard a noise. I looked and saw nothing. I waited some more and there it was again, the noise! I’m not scared of the noise. I can take it for awhile, then it would get annoying.

1 hour later: I’m scared now! I can’t find my dad and this noise is so annoying! Then I heard a BIG noise BANG! was it my Dad?

I went home and stayed home butt my dad was still out there! I heard another BANG!

10 minutes later: I saw a huge rock come out of nowhere and it broke the window! Then my dad came out of the woods with a huge scrape on his arm. I rushed to see him. He said something attacked him but he got away safely. He said he didn’t see it, but it was huge! He ran away as fast as possible. I said I heard a noise in the woods that sounded like what he was talking about. Every day we looked for it but we could not ever find it.­


By Sean Farmer, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

On a dark and stormy night a family lived in an old abandoned cabin deep in the dark forest. In that house there lived 2 kids whose names were Jack and the younger brothers name was Todd. One time their mother Patty told them to go get some venison. So the 2 brothers went into the dark forest to go get the venison. But they left before their mother was done talking about the traps in the woods. After a while the 2 brothers saw a deer they would always chase after the deer. Todd told Jack “don’t chase after that deer there might be a trap but Jack didn’t listen to Todd at all. But they both didn’t know about the traps that their mother was talking about.

So Jack chased after the deer and the younger brother stayed behind. When Jack was half way there to the deer he fell in a deep trap in the ground that a hunter set up to try and catch a deer and not a human boy. When Jack fell into the deep trap in the ground you couldn’t hear anything because of the roaring thunder and lightning but he was trying to say “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then Jack disappeared. No one ever knew. what was at the end of the trap and no one will ever find out maybe there were spikes but no one really knows. So after that the little boy ran to his mother’s house.

Todd told his mother “Me and Jack were finding the venison and a deer came passing by us so Jack went chasing after the deer and then he fell into a deep hole in the ground”.

“Well that was surely awful what you told me honey I’ll go tell your father right away”. So Patty went looking all around the house yelling “honey where are you”.

Then Patty remembered that her husband Charlie said “I will be in the basement checking to see if the furnace was still running”. But when Patty got down to the basement she heard her husband in the corner groaning “Must eat brains” “Honey is that you”? But when her husband came out of the dark corner she noticed that Charlie was turning infected green. She thought that her husband was playing another prank on her but it wasn’t a joke so then she ran all the way up to her room yelling “Zombie”.

“Mom why are you screaming so loudly at 3:00 o’clock in the morning”. “Your father is a zombie”. “Stop with all the nonsense you’re probably just tired” Todd said. “No I’m not tired I actually saw your father as a real zombie”his mother told Todd. “Also just to tell you Todd I’m not crazy”. “Yeah sure you’re not crazy of course you are” Todd told his mother. After that Todd’s mother went to sleep and in the middle of the night Todd heard a scream so Todd rushed over to his mother’s room and screamed “Mom are you alright”. But she didn’t answer but Todd’s mother was on the bed with no brain inside her head.

All she said was “Todd come here I have a surprise for you” but the surprise was that Todd’s mother was going to eat Todd’s brain because he had a big juicy brain. So then the little boy ran all over the house screaming”zombie” he ran all over the house but the basement because that’s where his father got turned into a zombie. The only way to cure a zombie was that you had to chain them up and get their brains back into their heads to turn them back to humans forever. Todd would do that to save his parents but there was one big massive problem “I’m afraid of zombies with all the groaning and all the eating of the brains it just freaks me out”.

So one night Todd went to his neighbor’s house to borrow some chains to wrap his parents up. But he needed help so he went to his friend’s houses and asked “guys would you mind if you helped me with a little problem okay a big problem” “sure” “great”.

So then Todd, Jeff, and Gary went looking in Todd’s house for his parents. So when they finally found Todd’s parents they got the chains and they wrapped them up in the chains that they brought with them. Then they slowly wrapped Todd’s parents in the chains and got there parents brains and put them back in Todd’s parents heads. But it never worked they just ate their own brains and they said “yummmmmm tasty brains”. Then the kids got another pair of brains and put them into Todd’s parents heads and it reversed the curse. “Mom dad you’re safe” “thank you honey and honeys friends” “you’re welcome mom”.


In a Hole

By Maya Pressman, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What if your sister fell in a hole? Well that happened to me . My sister, Eden, fell in a hole while we were riding our bikes. It all started one cold morning and there was nothing to do so I thought Eden and I could go for a bike ride on our drive way. It was like any normal bike ride till something like a ghost pushed Eden into a hole deeper than a grave. It was more like 2 graves!

I ran to the shed and got a shovel. Then I ran back to the hole and threw the shovel down. It landed on her toe but it was not even close! I said “Make stairs then climb out.” So she started to dig stairs but it was too rocky and the stairs started to fall. I had another idea.

So I ran to the barn and got some string that’s used to tie hay together. I tied the string together and threw it down. It broke as soon as she put her weight on it. When she started to climb it, it broke! It took a few minutes but then I got another idea.

I ran to a tree and started to climb a tree. When I got to a good branch that I could break I got it down into the hole and told Eden to climb it. As soon as she did the branch started to shrink and a ghost was in the hole with her, bothering her!

So I ran to the phone and called 911. They didn’t come. Next, I called my aunt. She came as soon as she could. When she arrived she got a ladder that you could make bigger if you need to. We adjusted the ladder and put it into the hole but the ghost kept shrinking it. Finally, we got it adjusted right and Eden quickly climbed out. Then we poured water in the hole to get rid of the ghost. Now we are always really careful about watching for holes when we ride our bikes.

The Haunted Mask

By Kaylee Hoey-Perron, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Have you ever not listened and something bad happened? Well it did. It was a foggy outside. Sarah went shopping for a scary scary mask. She had to hurry because the store was closing. Sarah made it in time. She went right to the mask but the store owner said, { DO NOT TOUCH ANY THING FROM THIS SHELF }. Sarah did not listen. She grabbed the mask, threw the money on the ground and ran out of the store. The storekeeper said, “Where do you think you’re going with that mask?”

Then it was Halloween. Sarah put the mask on in her room. Her mother said, “Nick, Sarah.” Nick is her friend. When Sarah’s mom said, “Nick, Sarah,” Sarah quickly wiped the mask off of her face and went downstairs. “Yes mom,” Sarah said. “Go out there with Nick and get some candy,” said Sarah’s mom.

When Sarah and Nick got out the door she put on the mask, the second time. So they went trick or treating then Sarah had an itch so she took off the mask the third time. Then she put it back on and went back to trick or treating. The itch came back. This time when she tried to take the mask off it was stuck on her face. Nick said, “What do you mean that it’s stuck to your face?” They tried pulling it off and cutting it off with scissors. It did not work so there was only one thing that they did not try. That was going to the store owner. That is what they did next.

The store owner said, “All you have to do is listen, then it will get loose and you can pull it off.” Just then Sarah’s phone went off. It was her mom calling saying to come home. Sarah did not want to go home yet. But she did and the mask loosened because she listened so she took it off and went home

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scary Story

By Hayden Rowland, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

I woke to the sound of a crash then screams at ten thirty P.M. I turned the corner and saw Dracula and he had the Security guard! Now he is dragging him into the bathroom. Dracula destroyed the wifi power so no one could call for help. When he drove an awesome sports car into Bed Bath and Beyond he destroyed the lighting system. Three seconds later when Dracula returned he drove the sweet sports car in front of the exits so no one could escape!

I, knowing I could die, jumped into the car just after Dracula slammed the car door shut. I started the engine and floored it out the door! I ran back into Bed Bath and Beyond and tried to fix the lights. Dracula, however, was fearless. He jumped at me. I ducked and he missed me. He got hooked to some wires which turned on the lights and immobilized him. Now I could stick a mouthguard on him. He could not hurt people. I also tied him up and locked him in a coffin. I sent him to a high tech testing lab in Antarctica.

Then I helped rebuild Bed Bath and Beyond. I lived a very happy life with the awesome car.

P.S. The scientists were happy about Dracula and I got the car fixed with the reward money.


By Phallyna Chea, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a dark and scary night. It was 2:00 am. There was a full moon and it was blue.

Kimberly, Phallyna, and Bryan were walking to Grandma’s house. It was scary and chilly outside, and there was frost on the leaves. They walked past a graveyard. They were walking and walking and they fell in a hole. They started yelling, “Help! Help! Help!” Silkworms and bugs were climbing on them.

At the same time, there was an old lady in the graveyard. She was visiting her dead husband and was singing the song he wrote for her.

They thought she was a vampire. They were quiet because they were scared of her.

Suddenly a snake bit Kimberly. She was yelling because it really hurt.

The old lady heard them and walked to the sound. The old lady was really hungry and thought she would eat the kids. They saw the old lady and she jumped down in the hole.They tried to climb out of the hole but they kept falling back down. She started eating Bryan. Bryan was yelling, “Help! Help!” But Kimberly and Phallyna couldn’t help him.

After Bryan, she ate Phallyna. Phallyna was crying really hard. After that she ate Kimberly, She said it was really yummy. When she finished them she jumped back up out of the hole. “That was a good snack. I hope next year, I can catch three more kids in my hole.”

Grandma was at her house waiting and waiting for her three grandchildren that never came.

The Mall

By Tanyan Scott, 10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What if you were locked in a mall at 12:00 AM with psycho/ cannibals. Well this how it all started. James,Maloney,Edwin,Jacob,Rylee,Jonathan,and Owen were all at the late night mall. James was hiding behind a manikin he jumped out from behind it the manikin and scared his friends. When the loudspeaker came on no body was there. It said !!!JAMES,MALONEY,EDWIN,JACOB,RYLEE,JONATHAN ,AANNDD OWEN!!! Im coming for you!!!!!They ran to the doors but it was locked. They saw some people walking toward the friends. They asked if they knew where the key was. no reply. They asked again still nothing. One walked up to Jacob and bit him. he screamed then they ran to the clothing store. Then hid with the manikins but then one grabbed John and they heard a voice yell “this way”. They saw the man run into the food court. They saw him run into a vender shop. They walked in and saw him standing there and he said “it’s almost light out i should cook breakfast”.The guy grabbed his lasso and he got all but two. They saw those weird people turn to dust. People started to walk in the store they left as soon as they came in. The next day they told the police what happened...they got locked in the insane asylum.

The Haunted Store

By Desirah Mckenney, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One night Clare’s mother sent Clare to the store to get some food. When she got there she heard screaming coming from the employee room in the store.

The next morning Claire told her mother while she was eating breakfast what happened last night. Her mother said, “You use your imagination very crazy.”

When She got to school Clare told her friend Bill. He thought she was losing her mind. After school her mother said that after your homework is done you are going to get some chocolate cake from the store. “Ok,” said Clare. She really did not want to go back to that haunted store but she did it anyway.

Clare was riding her bike to the store but this time she did not hear screaming from the employee room. Maybe Bill was right maybe she was losing her mind.

The next afternoon when Clare got out of school her mother was not home. Clare thought the ghost got her mom. She was so scared. Then Clare locked the doors but then she heard a knocking on the door. She peeked through the window but nobody was there. Clare decided to go to the store to get some dinner for herself.

When she got there she heard screaming again. This time it sounded like her mother’s scream. Clare ran to the employee room. She opened the door and found her mom sitting in a dark room. Her mother said, “You were right. There are ghosts in the store.”

When they got home suddenly the food they bought from the store, except the chocolate cake, was flying around the kitchen. “Ghosts!!” Clare and her mother screamed together. They both ran out the door. They ran to the police station. The police went to the store to see if anybody was playing a trick on them. He said nothing was suspicious but all of a sudden the food was flying again “GHOST” they all screamed together. Even the police officer said that he is never ever ever ever going back in that store again.

So on their way home they said that they would call the FBI to investigate. One of the guys said, “Why was the chocolate cake not flying?” Clare said, “Well... I did get the chocolate cake when it first came out of the oven when it was fresh.” One of the FBI guys said to another, “Let’s get out of here they’re obviously crazy.”

Clare said to her mom, “Is there anybody we can call to help us get the ghost out of that store?” All of a sudden someone popped up saying, “Ghost, I’m a ghost hunter.” “Great,” said Clare’s mother. “We think there are ghosts in that store.” “I can get them out,” he said. So he went in the store. He found a boy in a ghost costume. When he came out the boy was Bill. He said, “Did I mention that it was Halloween?”

Crazy cotton candy

Patricia Laura, age 9

It was a nice, sunny day and Patricia wanted to go to the Halloween fair. “Mom can we go to the fair please? I really want to go. “ “Oh Yeah, I totally forgot it was open this weekend.” When they got to the fair, her mom said, “Stay close to me, there are lots of people here.” Patricia said, “I want to go on the bumper cars.” When they got there, they were full, so they went to go get some cotton candy . They got there, and were happy the line was short. She chose her favorite, strawberry mixed with blueberry. Mmmmm, this is going to be good. When she opened her mouth to take a bite, it came alive. Patricia felt breath on her, coming from the cotton candy. It grew to 6 feet tall and suddenly had wide cotton candy arms and legs. “Ahhhhhh,” Patricia screamed in fear, “It’s alive!” The arms and legs were getting wider and it was picking her up. “Mom help!” “Kick it, and run away, fast!” Patricia kicked it but the cotton candy was stronger and it was too hard. She tried to jump down, but the grip was too hard. She was stuck up in the air. “I can’t!” screamed Patricia. “Then try to eat it.” Patricia tried but it did not work. The cotton candy was growing faster than she could eat. Where she bit, there was more cotton candy filling the spot. She would never be able to eat it all. Her mom had to save her. She had a great idea. “Hey, does anybody want free cotton candy? It’s free, and there is a lot! Start eating.” People started coming. “Just don’t eat my daughter!” 30 people came and started eating. After a while more people kept coming. Everybody was eating. Slowly Patricia was being lowered to the ground. Everybody was sick by the time Patricia was down. She started taking deep breaths and said, “It is good to be back on the ground.” She looked around and saw people holding their stomachs and rushing to the bathrooms. “Mom, now can we go on the bumper cars?” Patricia rode the bumper cars for 10 minutes straight!

The Mysterious House

By Lilly Tullio, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

“Ahhhh!!!” yelled someone as they ran out of the 7th house on Voice St. The reason it is called Voice St is because you can hear the people on that street yelling for miles!

“Wait, let me introduce myself. I am Cody and I am twelve years old, my best friend’s name is Cole and I live with my mom and dad. So, as I was saying, on 7th Voice St there is this mysterious house that just appears once a year in October. Even though I have never got to go in it. But I have always wanted to go in. My mom said that she once went in and she said that there is ghosts and zombies and things! But this year is different because I am twelve and my mom said that I could if Cole stays with me, which we both agreed to do. So tomorrow we are going into the house and I will prove to my mom that i am brave! Don’t tell my mom but I am a little scared because I not only see kids running out but also grownups!” “But I still think that it will be fun.” remarked Cody.

“Goodnight sweetie! tomorrow is your big day!!” Cooed Codys mom

“Mommm! I groaned

“I know, I know. But get your sleep. You’re going to need it!” His mom responded

“Ok, goodnight!” I said Then I turned of the light, Click.

“Cody! breakfast!” yelled my mom.

“Ooog” I said sleeply But then I remembered today, and the haunted house! Then I jumped out of bed and called to my mom “Coming!”

“Look who’s up!” Said my dad

“Hi Dad!” I said gleefully

“Hi sport! Today honey I have a meeting at work, I will be home for dinner if the bus is not late!” My dad told my mom

“Ok bye! Have a nice day!” yelled my mom

“Good morning! I made your favorite, eggs bacon and toast with orange juice!” my mom told me

“Yum! Thanks!!” I replied After I finished eating my breakfast my mom drove me to Cole’s house.

“Ok. remember if anything is too scary tell Cole that you want to leave, Ok?” My mom reminded me

“Mommm!! I’m twelve! I’ll be fine!” I complained

“I know I know. Be good!” She said as she drove away

“Ok! Love you! Bye!” I called out “Finally! She’s gone!” I told Cole

“Yep” replied Cole “Ready to go?” he asked

“Yep, this is what we have been waiting for.” They slowly walked in.

“What?” asked Cole? “ This is it?! It’s a black room! What’s so scary about that!!” Said Cole Instantly the floor beneath our feet fell! AHHH!!!! We both yelled at the same time. We fell into a swamp and it was hard to see because there was lots of mist. “Ok?” Cole slowly said “What’s going on?” he asked “I don’t know” I replied

“But first let’s get out of this swamp.” Cole told me Once we got out of the swamp I saw a ghost fly through a wall! “Uhh… C-Cole? Did y-y-you see th-that?” I stammered “See what?” Cole coshily said And then right before our eyes a ghost flew by! “RUNN!!!!” Cole screamed We both ran in different ways. I kept running in the swamp while Cole ran up some stairs. After we had ran our different ways I turned around to ask him what we should do to get out but he was not there! I turned around to look the other way, what I saw made my heart skip a beat. “Zombies! Help!” I yelled And started running, but tripped! Meanwhile... “Cody! Where are you!” Asked Cole Then he heard me yelling from downstairs! “I’m Coming!” He yelled He ran downstairs and saw the zombies coming for me. He only had an instant to think. Suddenly he was charging toward the zombie! “What was he doing?!?!” I thought Then he tackled the zombie but went right through him! We were all confused. I stood up, then walked to a “Zombie” and touched it, my hand went right through it!! I walked to what looked like a ghost, I went right through that too! it was all projections! We were amazed. That means this whole house is a fake! It was all special effects! We started walking upstairs walking through all of the “Zombies” on the way. When we got to the door we ran out pretending to be scared. We would not want to ruin everybody else’s trip inside! Happy Halloween!!

Scary story

By Noah Olivo, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What if zombies were real? Once they were...once. One sunny friday morning the school closed so I went on a bike ride at downtown Jaffrey and it was normal. I went home and did what boys usually do, play video games. My mom called my name because I had to do my nighttime excersize. So I rode around town one more time. This time it wasn’t normal, it was terrifying! There were zombies everywhere! There’s a mob of zombies limping down the sidewalks! they had ragged cloths and cyan skin. I knew my mom wouldn’t believe me so I kept riding. Suddenly, I heard a roar and a zombie was chasing me! He had an eye popped out, ripped shorts and cuts on it’s hands. I rode as fast as I could and he couldn’t catch up so I was safe, I went home and got to bed. I woke up with the video game on. It was all a dream. I looked out the window just in case. I saw a zombie gazing up at me.

Black boot

By Olivia Blanchette, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a dark and scary night. At 12:00 am, the only people on the road were two girls, who were sisters.Their names were Brittney and Brianna. They were on their way to celebrate Halloween in Colorado. It was very late when Britney spotted a motel. “Maybe we should stop here for the night.” Brittney said. “Sure.” Brianna said. They signed in and on their way upstairs to their room Brianna and Brittney heard something behind them. When they both looked back, nothing was there. Brianna heard a thump beside her. Britney had fallen on a black boot. Brianna said to her sister, “Are you alright Britney!” Britney said, “Yeah, I`m fine. You?” Brianna said, “Yeah.” Brittney and Brianna decided to go downstairs and tell the manager. Both of the girls ran downstairs, but the manager was not there. A minute later there was a dark voice behind them. They looked back and all they saw was red glowing eyes. They ran outside, screaming. When they were about to pull away, the man stood in front of the car. He said, “Where are you going?” They notice he was wearing the black boot that Britney had fallen on. Brianna noticed his name tag on his shirt. It was the same exact name as the person who signed them in. It was the manger “Is this all a joke?” asked Brittney. The manager said, Yup, it is all a joke.” Brianna and Brittney said, You really scared us, that was not a joke!” The end………..or is it?

October 31, 1980 Jaffrey, New Hampshire

By Lilian Hatchett, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Hi, my name is Milly. I have blond hair, green eyes and a small noes. I am living in a house with a wolf. This is how I got here.

One day I was left out on a street with only a school bag and my 11 year old self, and you know what I did ? I walked. I walked into the woods and to a path. It started to get dark so I ran. Then I heard a CRACK! So I ran even faster. Something was following me. I turned around and saw foot prints, WOLF footprints! I looked up, and there he was, in a birch tree. A wolf! He turned around and howled a long and terrifying howl.Then right there on the spot I fainted. When I woke up I was in a house. I was on a bed and under the covers. I looked around and saw the wolf standing in front of the bed. Then to my astonishment he said “Are you hungry Milly?

I was hungry but instead I said, “How do you know my name?”

”Oh, I Looked through your school bag and all your papers said Milly.”

Then I said,“How are you talking”?

“Well I have the same vocal cords as you humans do”.

As he was talking he moved around the room making me a tray of food. When he brought it over to me he explained to me that he had taken me when I had fainted. Then I told him about how my parents left me on the street. Then he asked me if I would like to live with him because We were both abandoned.

“You were left to?” I said.

“Yes I was,” he said “My pack left me behind a long time ago because I was the smallest out of my mother’s litter.”

Ever since he told me this I have lived with the wolf. I found out that the wolf’s name was Birch. I quite like this name for one reason. After all I found him in a Birch tree!

The Man

By Elivia Mccarthy, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a foggy Halloween morning. We could barely see anything as we started up Mt. Monadnock . As we were heading up the trail we felt like someone was watching us . . .and someone was.

We tried to lose him by bolting as fast as we could. But I was tripping on the rocks so I couldn’t do that. I made mom carry me but she said she was too weak over and over again. So I let her put me down before she said she broke her arm.

When she put me down I fell in a dark hole. When I hit the bottom I saw the man. He was getting closer so I tried to climb out of the hole but I was slipping. I accidently fell on him. I got up as fast as I could but he turned around and tried to grab me. Then I noticed a tunnel and I ran as fast as I could. I stopped before I fell into his arms. When I looked down I realized he was standing on air but he had legs! “What was he? and Who was he? and more importantly, Why was he chasing me?”

I ran back to the hole I fell into. I looked up and couldn’t find my mom. I felt like I was gonna die here. At that moment I could feel his hands grabbing me. I tried to run but my feet wouldn’t move.

I started screaming as loud as I could and sat up. My brother was sitting on my feet and my mom came into my room and asked, “What’s up?” I said, “Where is that guy floating and where am I?” My brother asked what happened. I told them the story and my mom said, “I am so glad it was a dream.” I said, “I hope it was because it was scary.”

The End

The People

By Jordan Sasner, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Derrik got home from school and did his homework. His parents interrupted him. “Derrik”,his Mom said, “we have something to talk about.”

Derrik said, “What’s wrong?” His dad responded with, “We’re moving”. His Dad said, “We will start packing tomorrow.”

The next day Derrik and his parent’s started packing. Before long, the boxes were in the U-Haul. They arrived at the new house and went inside. It was the first time for Derrik. His parents showed him his room. They unpacked a couple more things, then went to bed.

Suddenly Derrik woke up to a loud noise and looked in that direction. He saw a little girl in his door way. He got scared and went under his blankets. He looked at the doorway and saw that no one was there. He got up and rushed to his parents room. He woke them. Both of his parents saw Derrik crying. They asked “What’s wrong?” and Derrik said, “I saw a little girl in my door way”. His parent’s didn’t know what Derrik was talking about. They said, “Do you want to sleep in our room tonight?” “Yes.” Derrik said, with tears coming from his eyes.

Derrik still wondered what he saw. The next morning he got up and ate a big breakfast. His parents joined him. During breakfast his parents asked, “What did you see last night?” Derrik said, “It was like a little girl staring at me.”. Derrik’s parents looked at each other confused. They asked him, “What did she look like?” Derrik said, “She had black hair and a white dress and her hair was covering her face.” His dad said, “Let’s just forget about this. It was probably your imagination.” Derrik said,” It could have been, but I don’t know”. Derrik’s Dad said, “Let’s just eat our breakfast and forget it.” Derrik answered “Alright”, and ate his breakfast”.

That night Derrik sat on the couch and watched television. It was 7:30, and since it was the weekend, Derrik could stay up to late. At 9:30 Derrick went to his room. He saw the little girl on his bed. “What do you want? Who are you?” he asked. “I want my house back!” she whispered. “This was my room, and I want it back!” in a louder whisper.

“NO!, Go away!”, he screamed.

“I will go for now, but I’ll be back.”

Someone out there

By Kayla Castricone, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One night on Halloween I was in my house. It was fall and I heard screaming. I thought it was just someone scary. When I went outside to see if anyone was out there, I saw someone run behind the shed with a chainsaw in their hand. It was on. I heard someone who said, “Please help me.” I did not know what to do. I just ran inside the house. I closed all of the shades and shut the window. I peaked outside the window and saw gushing blood from behind the shed door. I felt a tap on my shoulder, but I thought it was my imagination blowing on my shoulder. I looked behind me I saw nothing. I looked outside the window and I saw nothing out there. Then I heard someone screaming, “Hel….” then it was very silent.

I went behind the shed and saw werewolf with a girl lying down on the ground. Then I came outside with garlic bread and I threw it into the woods. The werewolf chased the garlic bread into the woods. I helped the girl who was lying on the ground and I drove her to the hospital so that she could get lots of help. Her family was really worried that she stayed away so long because they did not know what happened. I felt really happy that I helped a girl.

I went back to my family and everyone said, “Where were you?” I told them the story. They said, “Is that really real?” And I said, “It is if you can believe it.”

The Arrows

By Adrianna Bedard, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What if arrows came out of nowhere? Well Connor,Kaylee and Mason were walking to school. “Ving!” Kaylee gets shot under the armpit and she gets stuck to a tree. Mason and Connor stop walking “Kaylee is stuck to the tree,” Mason said. Another arrow comes and gets Mason and gets him stuck to a tree. Then Connor comes over and almost cuts himself getting the arrows out. Fog comes over Connor and he can’t see anything!! Connor reaches for Kaylee and Mason and he gets the arrows out. Connor saves Kaylee and Mason. This all happened to Kaylee, Connor and Mason because they are the coolest kids in school. The arrows came out of a machine that a mystery kid made because he hates the kids. He was the coolest kid before they came to the school. They go to Jaffrey Grade School. Then that never happened again.

What if the slides had arms and a mouth?

By Aubrie Hendrickson, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One dark night on Halloween, Macy and her little sister Ella were playing on the playground. An eclipse was happening. When the eclipse was over there was a blood moon. Then Macy and Ella heard screaming. No one was there. They continued to play. Macy was sliding down the spinney slide when she stopped. She started screaming and kicking. Someone grabbed her. It was the slide. Then Ella slid down the same slide. They were screaming. Macy asked “What is going on?” “ It’s the Blood Moon” said a deep voice. “What did you say Ella?” Macy asked “Nothing” said Ella. “Uh look down” said the slide. They looked down. The slide said “BOO”. They both screamed. Macy yelled to wiggle to try to get loose. That unfortunately didn’t work. Then they tried kicking. That didn’t work. Finally Macy remembered Magic Tricks. Macy said “before you eat us can I show you a magic trick.” “Sure” said the slide. “Here pick a card” she said. The slide picked a 2 of hearts. Macy said “Now put it back.” The slide put it back. Macy took out a card. It was a 2 of hearts. Macy asked if that was his card. He said yes. He clapped in amazement letting them go. Macy and Ella both said “HA HA.” Then when we got home we told our parents, who didn’t believe us.

Glowing eyes

By Thomas Harvey, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Me and my sisters, Hannah and Jennah, went in the basement one Saturday. We saw glowing things; they were eyes! It was dark and we heard growling. I saw shadows behind the eyes. I got closer and it turned and looked at us. Then it ran after us. It started attacking Jennah. I went back and kicked it. That did not work. We started running, and that did work but not for long. It ran faster than us, and attacked us. Mom and Dad were home. Mom saw blood puddles and Dad saw tracks and hairs. The bear was looking for us. My dad saw it and said, “Oh no you don’t.” He took a hot cup of coffee that was full, and threw it at the bear. It did not run off, but he fell down. Quickly, Dad grabbed us and we left. We went to the police and he reported the bear. We slept in the extra beds in the police station.


By Joanna Burt, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

11:59 pm, Halloween night, everyone was sleeping except Emma.

Emma had a special talent. She could see and talk to ghosts. That was the reason she couldn’t sleep. She could hear them talking to each other, very loudly.

She went into the kitchen to get a drink. There, right in front of her, was a ghost! He started to ask a lot of questions that Emma could not answer.

“Why are you asking me these questions? How do you know me?”,’she asked.

‘I’ve been watching you’ The ghost admitted ‘I need your help and I’

Why?’ Emma interrupted.

‘ I know you can see and talk to ghosts.”,replied. ‘I need you to tell someone something’ ‘What!’ she yelled. She regretted shouting because she didn’t want to wake her parents.

‘Never mind’ the ghost said sadly. “No humans ever listen to me.”

When Emma woke the next morning, she thought she had dreamed about the ghost visit. Then she remembered that it really happened, and decided she must help him.

‘I’m hungry’ Emma said to herself and went downstairs for breakfast. The ghost was sitting on the couch in the living room. “So do you want me to help you with your problem”? She asked.

“Yes ”The ghost said eagerly.

“Who do you need to talk to”? asked Emma .

“Your mom” the ghost said.

“Why do you need me to talk to my mom?” she said curiously.

“I have a friend that is kind of like you. She can see ghosts too. Your mom thinks that this girl did something wrong. “Your mom needs to know that this girl didn’t do anything wrong” “Who is she? ,Emma asked. “I can’t say.”, the ghost replied. “Okay, Emma said reluctantly. “I’ll tell her tomorrow morning” Emma said The ghost smiled.

“But what if my mom starts to think that I’m blaming her?” Emma asked “She won’t” he answered

Emma fell asleep quickly that night. .In the morning she went into her mom’s room to talk to her “Mom, are you up?”

“Yes” her Mom said. “So, what do you want to do today”?

. “Do you know a girl that kind of looks like me”? Emma asked nervously.

“Yes, and she did something very mean” her mom replied.

“I don’t think so” Emma said, and before her mom could even talk, Emma added “I am trying to help a ghost by telling you this, and the girl that looks like me is the ghost’s friend!”

‘I can’t believe that” “Where is the ghost now?”her mom asked.

“He went away, back to where he lives” Emma said

“Oh” Is he going to come back? ”Her mom asked.

“No.” Emma said

“Well, I’m very happy that you told me” her mom said

“Me too.” Emma said smiling because she knew that at last she could sleep peacefully. She and her mom had a good day

The End


By Gwennalyn Eaves, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a late Fall afternoon in school. Everyone was getting ready to go home. “Ok class I will see you all tomorrow,” said Mr. Smith with a big smile on his face. When Sarah went to school the next day she realized that her teacher was not in the hallway waiting for all the kids to come. Mr Smith was a guy who truly loved his job as a teacher so it was strange to see him not in the hallway. At eight thirty all the kids were coming in. When Sarah was let in the classroom by an old strange lady, she saw that Mr Smith was not at his desk nor his rocking chair. When Sarah’s best friend Ivy came in she asked her a question. “Do you know where Mr.Smith is?” Ivy looked at Sarah with a confused face. “No. I thought he said he would be in today.” ”Maybe something came up,” said Ivy walking away. When everyone was at their desk the old lady looked at everyone and smiled a little. She had wrinkles all over her face and her hair had white stripes in it “Mr. Smith is not working here anymore she said smiling and sitting down at the old rocking chair. I will be your new teacher and you can call me Mrs.Tree.” Everyone looked surprised that Mr. Smith quit just like that. Sam raised his hand, “Is Mr. Smith ever coming back?” The teacher just looked at him. “No” The teacher looked annoyed. The next day Sam was not at school nor Ivy! I called Ivy but she didn’t answer. Every day kids were not showing up! One day I was walking home from school. I felt like someone was following me. I looked back and saw an old lady with a robe all black and her face didn’t show. When I looked back again she was gone! Then I heard a car from behind me it pulled up to me. I was so scared I couldn’t move than someone from behind me pushed me in the car! They made me breathe in gas that made me fall asleep. Then I woke up in a strange place. I would have moved but I was tied down. From the corner of my eye I saw Ivy and all the other kids! Then I heard footsteps coming closer.

The Ghost

By Montana Niemela, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Eric and his family were rich and lived in a mansion. It had been built in the 1950s by a british man who had been killed in the 1970s by murder. Recently Eric had been hearing voices that could be the ghost of Vladimir koovskuy. The most recent attack was when Eric and his parents were in the dining room and they heard a voice saying “I will come back and have revenge.” At that moment they saw a shadow cross the window.

A week after when they were outside Eric and his two other brothers Brock and Grant saw a figure moving around right next to their chicken coop. When they saw the figure they urgently called for their mom but she did not answer. They went inside and called for her but no response. They remembered that she was in the chicken coop. The boys talked about that the figure did not look like a woman. The boys went near the coop but did not find their mother.

Once their dad got home they told him what happened. He said my beloved wife Abigail has vanished and is in captivity. Vladimir will be looking for his next victim.

The next incident with Vladimir was the moment their dad vanished. When the boys were inside playing Halo their dad was in the basement checking the water pipe. The boys heard yelling and banging in the basement. Eric yelled for his dad saying “Dad” but there was no response. Eric, Brock and Grant rushed into the basement and were stunned. There in the corner of the basement was a girl in the corner giggling. When she saw the boys she stopped and frowned. Eric yelled and said “WHERE DID YOU PUT MY PARENTS?” The girl replied by saying “I have been keeping them in my parents castle as slaves”. I will bring you but you will be held slaves. Eric replied “Anything for my parents.” So the girl brought the boys to her parents’ castle. Once they got to the castle Eric saw his mom and dad cleaning the floors. Eric and and his family were reunited but were held as slaves until one day. When they were cleaning the bathrooms the cops found the location the Hosmers [Eric’s family] were being held. They found them at the castle of Orion.


By Kristina Mills, 10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a dark and stormy night at a college in New Hampshire, Keene and on the campus Tina and Lisa lived in one dorm. Lisa heard a noise coming from the bathroom closet. So, she went to check and she was frightened by a Dark Shadow. Lisa screamed and Tina went to check and Lisa was gone! All there was left was a puddle of blood on the floor in front of the bathroom closet. Tina ran out of the apartment crying. She called her fiancé Zane to come and find Lisa. He got there in seconds he looked all over the campus and no one was on campus at all. Zane saw the blood and no sight of Lisa or any one or thing that would take her.

A few years later even though the cops tried to solve the case, in New Hampshire the dark shadow was forgotten about. Tina and Zane married; One afternoon Tina saw a lady in Keene freaked out and crying. “What is wrong?” Tina asked. She said “My roommate is missing and there was a puddle of blood on the floor in front of the bathroom floor and I saw a dark shadow!”

Roommates still go missing in New Hampshire, Keene.

The sacrifices

By Owen Chen, 10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

On one stormy night I told my friend Jacob I needed a job. The next morning I read the newspaper. It said job needed at Chuck E Cheeze. Jack the owner hired me without questioning. I should have known that something was weird because every once in awhile Chucky and the workers will stare at me. At dinner I ate pizza. I thought the character Chucky should have shut down but’ he didn’t. So I locked the doors and went home.

As I was in bed I fell asleep. At midnight Jack the owner called and said” sorry you’re a brave man and thank you for your sacrifice”. Jack said “Chucky cannot be stopped or killed”. As I went to bed Chucky chuckled in the corner of my eye. I yelled “Jacob!” and jumped out the window. He seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

On the streets I knew what to do: sacrifice Jacob to save myself. I said to Jacob “there’s bacon in his mouth” and he jumped in then I saw Jacob behind me and I said “then who’s in there?” Jacob said “I sold a kitkat to Edwin and I dared Tanyan to be dressed and looked like me”. Chucky was frozen from eating Tanyan so to be safe I stuffed Jacob in his mouth and walked away and Chucky’s dark soul flew away.

The Ocean Adventure

By Anna Luksha, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School It was a cloudy morning and was very lonely. It was the day after the tornado and there was not even a small beam of light anywhere. The only person that was outside was not scared of the tornado coming back .She decided she would surf since no one was around to stop her. The only problem was she had no idea how to surf. So she did what she saw on tv. She went to the deepest water and waited for a wave, and suddenly she saw a HUGE WAVE!!!!!!!!She was so scared that she fell into the water !!Then she noticed that she could breathe! She opened her eyes and she got pulled away! w-w-whose th-th--there she said. She Turned around and screamed!

I am Queen Agua!! Then the queen chained Tareicia! Thankfully the chains could break so when the queen was gone, she broke the them .Then a puffer fish swam up to her and said if she needed anything just call him. Taricia started to swim away.She swam to a coral reef. There she met another mermaid. The mermaid, Chelsea, noticed Tareicia was not struggling for air and asked how she could breathe.

That moment Chelsea, pulled on Tareicias legs and she saw a tail! Tareicias was so shocked she fainted! Two hours later she woke up and was in a weird place and saw SHARKS!!!!! She swam so fast; she could run the fastest race!!!! She swam back to the coral reef and found Chelsea looking very worried. Her new friend said she found a special ring that would defeat the queen. Suddenly the queen blasted her powers at them both, making a force field form around them. The ring used its powers to defeat the queen !

The Dark Times

By Edwin Gutierrez-Nunez

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

IT was a stormy night in camp nou. Its El 2013 clasico. The score is one one, Fc Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Messi was about to score and they disappear out of nowhere. Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, Bale, and Chicharito are in the woods. Then they find Zidane. He headbutts every one. Then Neymar tries to escape and everyone gets knocked out. Neymar sees Suarez escape and Ronaldinho is dragging them to his evil lair. No one knows who’s working Ronaldinho except Neymar.

Later that day Neymar and Messi were talking to Ronaldo, Bale and Chicharito for an escape plan. After Ronaldinho and Suarez left Neymar took out his phone and then Messi finds a knife and cuts the rope. Then Neymar calls Sanchez and Ozil for help. Later that day Ozil and Sanchez go looking for everyone. Ozil was starting to hear voices showing Ozil and Sanchez to Ronaldinho’s lair. Ozil finds everyone and takes them to camp nou. Ronaldinho, Suarez and Zidane were arrested and they got banned from playing professional soccer.


The Day at the Park

By Rylee Blanchette, 10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was wonderful day at Scary Grave Park… Albert decided to bring Mackenzie to Scary Grave Park on Halloween. Albert decided to bring Mackenzie because she has been good for the past couple weeks. When they got there on their Horse and Carriage Mackenzie wanted to go to the Haunted House so they did. Albert got kind of worried of what could happen to them. The first room they went to was the living room and the living room and in the living room was just packaging tape ghosts. Well all of the rooms had packaging tape ghosts in them and maybe a couple big spiders. They had finished all of the rooms so they went to the doll room. The doll room was called the Doll House. Mackenzie decided to look at one of the cool dollhouses. Mackenzie went to touch it. Albert soon walked up and Mackenzie touched the doll and the doll jumped out and scared them both. They went screaming out of the Haunted House like crazy people. They finally calmed down and went a couple of rides and on both of those rides they saw the doll that scared them. So after that they went on 8 other rides and the doll kept scaring them.

Mackenzie Finally said “ we need to go back” Albert was so confused. So they went back and Albert said “ we should probably dress as the doll that scared us to get rid of her.” So they dressed up and the doll came in puzzled she didn’t know what was happening so the doll trapped them in the doll house and went running through Scary Grave Park. Albert and Mackenzie were screaming like crazy people. They finally realized they could knock down the door because they were dolls. Their doll skin was plastic and the door was wood. So they were one behind the other and Albert broke through and Mackenzie went through behind him. They quickly changed and went out to find the doll. Mackenzie found the doll and named it Dollie and decided to take her home and Dollie turned nice instead of mean. From then on they all went to Scary Grave Park.

The Ball of Light

By Joseph Bergeron, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One day there was a girl named Tareesa. Tareesa was a shy girl. So she had to find a hiding spot that other people could not find anywhere. She had found her creepy and disgusting hiding place - under the bleachers in the gym.

The next day she went under the bleachers in the gym with a flashlight and her backpack. She turned on her flashlight and then she saw something flying through the air. She immediately crawled out. She said “Wo what was that?”

She slowly peered back in it wasn’t there any more. Then she blinked and it was there. She blinked again and it was gone. She said in her mind I know that whatever it is down there isn’t trying to hurt me. Well then why aren’t you going down there. I don’t know. Go down there again then. No. Why? I’m not going back down there because I don’t know what was down there yet.

Thursday afternoon. Tereesa went down in her hiding place and this time she had ghost books with her. The next thing she noticed was her best friend Emily behind her.

“What are you doing down here?”



“Because no one knows about this except us now. Okay?”


“Why do you have ghost books with you”.

“They are here with me right now because of that”.

Then she pointed to a ball of light in mid air.

“Thats creepy”. Said Emily.

For the next hour they were researching about ghosts and what signals they can put off.

Friday morning. That morning she went to the bleachers and went under. Tareesa was acting weird when she got out from under the bleachers. That afternoon she went under and felt all better for some reason. She came out and fainted. Nobody saw her for the next 3 days.

After those 3 days she didn’t know anything except where her hiding spot was. She saw the light and disappeared out of mid air like nothing happened. And nobody has seen her since. Except one person.


The Chupacabra

By Griffin Hofmeister, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It is a dark scary night. Jack and Kim are at the abandoned cabin. It is midnight and Jack can’t sleep. He goes down stairs and on to the porch. Jack gets cold. He goes into the haunted woods to get wood for the wood stove. Little did anyone know the woods were haunted….Well, at least Jack didn’t know! He goes in.

Now, Jack is walking into the woods. He looks beside him and sees red eyes in the shadows. Jack gets a chill up his spine. He keeps on walking. He sees the wood in front of him “finally.”, Jack whispered. Jack sees the eyes again. and then a super duper scary chupacabra popped out of the shadows and at Jack! The chupacabra has an alien like body,spikes down his back and glowing red eyes.The chupacabra jumped out and strangled Jack! Jack was screaming for help! Kim came running out of the house she called 911 but no one answered the call! It was too late the chupacabra ate Jack! was kim the next victim? Find out next time I make a story!


The Lost Friend

By MaryRuth Whicker, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One night on October 13th, four friends, Sophie, MaryRuth, Jack and Gus were walking to the park at 2:00 am. They all were heading to the park for some fun. Jack and Gus wanted to walk through the woods to get to the park. MaryRuth and Sophie did not want to go there. So only Gus and Jack went through the woods. Jack started to scream. He ran out to MaryRuth and Sophie. They said “What’s the matter”? Jack said “I saw someone take Gus”. Sophie and MaryRuth said “this probably a joke”. So they just kept on moving. MaryRuth and Sophie were getting really scared. Finally they got to the park. When they got there it was turned into a graveyard. They were really scared now. “Gus did not come still “Sophie said. They all wanted to look for gus now. They all decided to go in the woods to look for Gus. When they got to the woods, they saw nothing except trees grass. The went further in the woods. Suddenly, they heard something shaking in the trees. They looked up in the trees and they saw Gus and someone in the tree with him. The stranger tide Gus up in rope, and his mouth was covered in duct tape. The person who has Gus just wants their money. So Jack gave up all of his money to the guy. They got Gus back. They all ran out of the woods to Sophie’s house. Sophie told her mom what happened. Right before Sophie left to go to the park her mom said don’t go in the woods, but Sophie did not listen. The person in the tree was Sophie’s mom. Sophie was not happy. Sophie told the kids never to go in the woods without permission. They were sacred now.


By Caleb Tremblay, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Ben was an old man and he hated his life. Everything in his life tried to kill him so one night he could hear the door start to crack. He saw his fingers start to bleed. He heard someone coming


When Ben got up all he could see was LIGHT

THEN he saw people closer he started to run until he saw firefighters on a NIGHT SHIFT.

They were breaking down a door. When they did they saw someone standing in the pitch black room. She started running at them but they shot her down but then they heard moaning somewere near them and just then someone trapped them!!!!!!! then all went quiet then they heard chains and saws and people laughing and water dripping on them . Then they realised that they were in a well not filled with water how were they going to get back up with crazy people?

“just great” sighed Ben “ we’re trapped and don’t know how to get back up this extremely long well”

“Here I come” said a voice

“It’s that voice again” yelled Ben “RUN.”

once they got out of the well they realized it was Halloween. Everyone was out trick or treating. Then once they looked back everyone started to disappear. Soon all of the firefighters started to disappear as well.

Then Ben was all alone on the streets. And then he disappeared into a portal that leads to the underworld. Next he saw everyone being held captive by Michael Myers. Luckily he escaped from the portal and ran all the way into his house. He decided to stay there for the rest of his life and never came out.

The Mysterious Virus

By Gwendalynn Clark, 10

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was the middle of the night. Then all of a sudden, Rylee woke up to a loud “BANG!” She got out of her bed and opened her bedroom door. “Hello?” There was no answer. She looked at the bottom of her sister’s bedroom door. There was a stream of blood. “Lily!!!” She exclaimed! She kicked open her sister’s door. She saw that Lily’s dresser fell. Then Rylee looked at Lily. Her face was pale. “Why is there blood dripping from your mouth Lily?!” Rylee knew that there was something going on. “Grrr...” Lily said. Then she thought about the movie that she had watched the other night. In the movie the Apocalypse had begun. “Huh!” “Lily...Oh my gosh...You aren’t Lily anymore, are you? “You’re a zombie!!” She said. Then she ran to her parents room and remembered they were both on work trips. She ran to her brothers room. “Kevin! Lily she’s…” Kevin interrupted. “I know.” he said while packing. “Wait why are you packing?” Rylee asked. It’s not safe in this town anymore. “I’ll go pack then.” So, Rylee went to her room and got out everything that she needed and put all of it in her blue suitcase. Then Rylee and her older brother went outside and put everything into Kevin’s car. They got in. “Where are we going?” “To Carissa’s house to take her with us.” “Who’s that? Your girlfriend?” She asked. “ Yes she is.” He said. They got to Carissa’s house and decided that they were going to sleep there and they’d leave at dawn. They all slept in the living room. When morning came, they heard the doorbell. Carissa looked through the peephole and saw a man dressed in a military uniform. “Guys come here!” Rylee opened the front door. “My name is Colonel Sullivan. My troop has blocked off part of this town. It is safe.” Then he left. It was around noon and the 3 kids were eating lunch. They heard gunshots. The 3 went on the sidewalk to see what was happening. Zombies were surrounding them! “Rylee!” Rylee looked up and saw a zombie. “AHHHH!” Then Rylee opened her eyes. She was laying on the couch. “Come on time to go!” dad said. Then he left. “It was all a dream.” Maybe a zombie apocalypse will happen some day. Are you prepared?

The Haunted Train

by Diego Menjivar, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One day when it was midnight on Halloween a teenager, named Nickoli was going in the subway to home. He had a ticket.But when the train got here it smelled weird no one was in there. When he got in he found out there was no driver in there and then he found out the train was haunted, because the train started going and there was no driver. If Nickoli stays inside the train he will die if he doesn’t think of something. Every time someone dies the train always stops when it gets to a stop. He already knows the train is haunted and he needs to find out how he`ll beat this ghost. So he needs some resources to make a tool to beat the ghost. After looking for four hours he found the resources. While he was making this weapon he almost set the train on fire. When he was done he tested it out and it worked! He used his phone to find the ghost and he did try to suck up the ghost but he was too fast so he tried to think of a plan. But there was too much wreaking going on. It took a long time to think of something but he did. So he just needs to time it to defeat the ghost. Nickoli used his big wide ghost sucker weapon to suck up the ghost. After four hours he finally beat the ghost, and he now had something to tell him. I am not going on subways ever again. Now Nickoli was scarred for life.

Just A Dream

By Jonah Layfield, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One day, John was playing wiffle ball with a friend named Harry. His mom told him to go in the attic and clean it all up. He went inside and said, “But mom, Harry’s over and… and.” His mom told him no matter who was here he still had to do it. So, that’s when he did it. He told her there was a ghost in the attic, his mother didn’t believe him so he did as he was told.

After five flights of stairs he was in the attic. He saw a ghost, a little boy holding a picture. The picture had an odd golden pink frame with green hearts. Weird he just, disappeared as soon as I blinked, John thought.

While John was cleaning he found a picture with the same frame the boy was holding. Who was this little ghost boy? The picture was a puppy, a family, and a house - this was the house John lived in.

John showed his mom this and she said they were probably the people who lived there before them. “Who are they? That’s all I want to know.” She wouldn’t tell him; it was like she was possessed. Later he told her he saw a ghost.

For all John knew he was crazy. His mom certainly thought he was. In an instant he saw a house, his house, abandoned, burnt to the ground. John was terrified.. . Somehow he knew he was never crazy.

Then, he woke up; it was all a dream.


By Logan Sorrells, 11

5th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

I woke up in a Mexican resort. Once and found out that no one was there. I went down the stairs to the first floor to receptionist’s desk and no one was there so I thought the guy was taking a break. Then I went outside to get some fresh air because it was a little stuffy. Once I got outside I was surprised to see no one was there. I thought that the people there were hiding from me so I started to look around and I heard weird noise coming from the north end of the beach. That’s when I saw some zombies! I started to run and I ran back to the hotel hoping I was safe. Suddenly a phone began to ring, so I answered it. Then someone started talking they said “RUN to room 202 on the first floor now!” So I ran to room 202 but just before I got there I encountered more zombie people, so I ran faster. Someone opened room 202’s door. I got in just before they closed it.

I was surprised to see 20 people in one room, but one of them left to fight the zombies. So I went out there to help him and a zombie was about to kill him so I took a rusty pipe and saved him. When I went to the pool area there was a guy sitting in a pool of red water crying “Why? Why?” So I went to talk to him and he said “Go! Go away!” So I left. Then I found a small motor boat and left the island.

When I was leaving the island I thought I should get the others and I did. All the survivors left the resort and never returned.

The Wand

By Benjamin Ramirez, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

It was a long and boring day in school. After school Marcus called Jose to see if he wanted to hang out and Jose said ”ya sure”.Later they met up and went to the park to hang around. Then Jose said “Marcus come here “Jose and Marcus were looking at a weird looking dog. Marcus said “Jose I’m going to take closer look at the dog”.Marcus stepped on the dog by accident . The dog woke up and tackled Marcus and then the dog started run at Jose then Jose fainted. Marcus woke up an attacked the dog and threw it in a hole on the playground. Then Marcus helped Jose up and Marcus heard a noise in the bushes.”That’s not an animal”said Marcus then Jose disappeared. Jose was nowhere to be found. Then Marcus finds a wand on the playground when looking for Jose. Marcus likes to do magic tricks so he tried to pick it to see if it could help him find his friend. The wand it was to heavy so he left it there and kept looking for his friend. Then Marcus heard somebody screem really loud .So Marcus went to go see what happened when he got there all he saw was a one eyed goblin staring at him. Marcus was freaked out and ran as fast as he could. Then he lost the goblin well he thought he lost the goblin but the goblin was following Marcus in the trees. So Marcus ran to the wand to try to pick up again. Then he heard something sneaking up behind him it was the goblin creeping up on him. So he kept on running until he got home when he got there he put on some dark cloths so he could pick up the wand and the goblin wouldn’t see him. When he went back to the wand the dark cloth worked, it was like the goblin was blind. The goblin had no clue that Marcus was coming. So Marcus tried to pick up the wand but this time it was as light as a feather. So he picked up the wand and he cast a spell on the goblin. Suddenly this spirit comes out of the goblin .”O snap said Marcus . Marcus ran for his life the spirit was a orb of light that didnt attack Marcus. The spirit was trying to go in the wand. The spirit went in the wand then all of a sudden the wand worked and Marcus made every thing go back to normal. It was day time and Jose was right next to him on the playground and the wand was gone and the dog was too.

The end

Disappearing Friends

By Harmoni Marie Loughlin, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

Have you had a friend who disappeared at a campground? Well Mylie did at 7:30 am, it was still dark and foggy out. Mylie and Emma went out to a hill to do gymnastics for an hour. Mylie did a handstand and Emma disappeared and Mylie heard a scream. Mylie went to the scream and it got louder and quieter every step she took. Mylie followed the footprints and then they disappeared. Mylie walked around the campground four times yelling…”Emma where are you!” Then Mylie went to the store...she saw everything moving into a small room. She heard another scream and a chainsaw go on so she pushed the door open and she saw the shadow drop everything in his hands and ran into the room. Then Mylie said, “What did he do to you?” Emma said, “He was trying to trap me in the room.” Mylie finally found Emma. The scary end!


By Mia Boyd, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One day a tall skinny red head named Maddy was trying to figure out what she was going to be for Halloween when her older brother Mark walked up behind her and shouted “B00!”. Mark Jumped as he was saying this his wavy brown hair flew into the air. “Ahhhhh” Maddy shrieked then turned around and yelled “not funny”!

Mark responded “hey want to know something?”

“sure”Maddy sarcastically said.

Mark continued “on halloween night the monsters come out from hiding!”

“Oh ya where did you learn that?” Maddy asked.

“My friends” Mark said knowingly.

“You ready for Halloween it starts in two hours!” yelled mom from the stairs. “Mark,your friends are here.”

“Ok be right up.” “better watch out!” Mark whispered in Maddys ear.

Mark and his friend Gary were throwing a Halloween party. After the party Mark Was taking Maddy trick or treating. Maddy’s mom was either making him do that or clean up after his party he chose to take Maddy trick or treating. Maddy still couldn’t figure out what she was going to be for Halloween.

“Honey I’m running to the store need anything come tell me.” mom yelled from the stairs.

“Ok but I still don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween” she whispered to herself.

Maddy ran outside and lay down under the old oak in her backyard. Still thinking about what she should be for Halloween she stood up and screamed! She lay down under the tree this time falling.

“Ahhh” Maddy heard a scream. She jumped up “ummmm what was that!” stammered Maddy” she walked into what seemed to be her room and toppled onto her bed. “Ugh” she groaned.

Then she heard it, the sound of someone tapping in a drawer. “What was that?” Then she heard it again “rat a tat tat.” She got up to go check the closet. “Ahhhhh” she screamed! Phew nothing! Maddy opened the first drawer she jumped back nothing!

Then she opened the second drawer, she jumped back and toppled over! Nothing! Then she opened the third drawer she laughed there were two things in the drawer the first thing was a note that said “Halloween is awesome for tricks love, Mark!” The second thing was an electric hand Gary had given to Mark! Then she Knew it what she was going to be for Halloween.

A Dark and Stormy Night

By Skye Lee Gauthier, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what was that?” Izzy said. It was Halloween at 12 at night. “I better go help” Skye thought. “I will help you Izzy” said Skye. Izzy was screaming because there were 3 zombies, 1 ghost, 2 bats, 3 Skeletons and 10 demons in her house. Skye saved Izzy. Skye saved Izzy by kicking the weird looking things in their heads. Then Izzy and Skye met at the park to tell more about what happened. Izzy was in the bathroom to get in the shower to get ready for the prom which was tonight. The zombie came in and knocked down the door and that is when she screamed.

Izzy decided to bring her friend zombie to the prom. The zombie’s name was Fred. When they got there everyone was scared because they didn’t know Fred was a friend zombie not one that would eat everyone. Connor and Kailyn came in an awesome car that was thousands of dollars. Then the weird looking things came to the prom. Connor and Skye ran to spy on them so they did not get eaten. Then Kailyn and Izzy came to ask “what are you doing?”. “We are spying on the weird looking things” said Connor. Then Kailyn and Izzy went home because they got scared. Skye tried to get the skeleton and the zombie away by putting a tree in front of them. That did not work. Then they all kicked the zombie and skeleton in their stomachs. It was fun to see them react to the kick. That did not work either. Then they pulled out their swords. They hit the zombie and skeleton’s legs and arms and then they died. Then they went home to eat a lot of food because they were hungry. They would not tell their family about halloween night.

Connor and Jim

By Connor Rivard, 10

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

“Knock, knock, knock” Connor banged on the door to the scary, old house. No one answered the door so we went inside. ‘’Boom boom’’ the giant half ghost half demon stomped, as he was going down the stairs. Dustin ran down the giant hall. His friends met up with him. Their names are Kaylee, Connor and Adrianna. Dustin was scared, he screamed and smashed into the door “ooww”. It made a big bang. It shook the whole house. Dustin said “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” it was scary to him.

As we walked through the house we saw pictures of the half ghost half demon and his signatures, so we knew his name was Jim. Jim is 16. Connor got a little scared, Dustin got a lot scared. Jim tried to tell us that he was nice but we thought he wanted to eat us so we kept running. Connor started to laugh because we didn’t know he was friendly but we were still a little bit scared so we didn’t stop. He yelled to us and said “stop I’m nice”. Connor wanted to hang out in his house with him. We partied with everybody that wanted to come. Only Kaylee and Adrianna came. Dustin went home. At the end Jim became friends with Connor, Kaylee and Adrianna. They met up with Jim the next Halloween night. Every Halloween night Jim and Connor go around scaring people.

Creepy Voices

By Nobley Walker, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

What would happen if your mom called from behind you and you looked...she wasn’t there?

So you just kept doing whatever you were doing, then suddenly a mysterious quiet voice called from downstairs . You thought it was your mom again. You tried calling back to see if she would answer but it did not work!

So you start down the stairs and you were like, “What was that?” Then your mom opened the closet door because she heard the voice too. So you quietly keep going down the stairs to see who it is. You grab the camera that has night vision and you turned it on and you see a ghost. You and your mom were so scared you didn’t want to look again. Then the ghost opened the window and bats flew in. You both screamed as loud as you could and it scared the ghost and the bats away.

Then you went back upstairs and went to bed. There was a knock...and you hear “Marieeeee…” It’s my mom’s name in the voice. You screamed so loud you scared yourself. Then you tried to forget about it and you try to fall asleep.

Before you know it is morning. You asked your mom, ”Are you still scared of the voices?” Your mom said, “What voices?” You tell her, “The voices we heard last night.” She said, “I do not know what you are talking about. You must have been dreaming.” I hope she is telling the truth that it was a dream because it felt so real....

Lost in the Woods

By Megan Newton, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One day in the woods two kids named Matt and Rose were taking a walk in the woods. Then all of a sudden Rose asked Matt, “Do you know the way out?” “No, do you?” said Matt. “I have no idea,” said Matt. Then they heard screaming. So they followed the way that the screaming was coming from and they saw nothing. After that they tried to find the way out but they still could not. Just then they heard someone scream, “HELP ME HELP ME!!” So they went to see what was going on but once again nothing was there. Then they started to get really scared. So they sat down and tried to calm down. But they could not. Just then Rose heard rustling in the leaves and said, “Matt did you hear that?” “Yes,” he said. So they screamed and their parents came out from the leaves. They hugged their parents. Rose said, “I never want to be alone in the woods by myself again.” and Matt said, “Me too.”

A Foggy Soccer Morning

By Grace Lewis, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One morning on my way to soccer with my sister and my babysitter Bree Jackson. It was so foggy and we took the car instead of walking. We couldn’t see the soccer field because it was covered with fog. It looked like soccer was canceled but they say rain or shine we play. We got out of the car and I went to find my coach. I heard the whistle blow so I tried to find the middle of the field. It was so foggy I found myself in the parking lot. I bumped into Bree she asked why I was there. I thought was on the soccer field.

Finally both teams were ready and we got into our possessions. I played forward in this game. When the game began I was trying to get the ball from Dunkin but I tripped over the ball and it hit my face but I got back and try to get the ball again. After that I heard a screeching sound I was trying to find Dunkin and the ball but the fog was to thick. . I tried to ignore the sound but it was distracting. Then it was time for a water break the screeching got louder and no one was looking around but me so I thought it must be me . So I went around to find where the sound was coming from. Then I heard the whistle and the game continued I was still forward and try to get the ball from Dunkin.

Then it was halftime and I said I have to use the bathroom that would give me some time to keep looking. I was scared but the fog was almost gone so I went looking for that sound.As I got closer to the bathroom I saw something moveing bye the bathroom and heard the sound.

I asked Samantha Chesney “ Do you hear that and did you see that” she said “no”. I was scared and thought could it be real or just in my head. The fog was now gone I could see everything. So when I looked around I saw a big ugly bird sitting on the benches that was what was making the sound. Now I feel fine I am never going to soccer again on a foggy day. So it was real but I was the only one who heard the sound. That was so WEIRD!!

The End

Basement ghost

By Liberty Kemp, 9

4th grade, Jaffrey Grade School

One afternoon when my mom was going shopping, she asked, “Can you do the laundry, please.’’ before she left. I told her, “Ok mom, I will.” “Remember to feed the dog too. Oh, I’m taking your sister with me. Have fun!” Then I went up the stairs to get my laundry. I went down to the basement to do some laundry. When I put the laundry in the washer, it started talking. My dog and I started to back up. Soon we bumped the wall. What is it saying, I wondered. Maybe It’s saying, why did you put your laundry in me? My dog was so brave she went up to the washer and hit it, but that did not work. It got angrier and angrier. It started shaking really fast. I screamed, took my dog, and ran up stairs. I locked myself and my dog in my room. Yeash that was scary, I thought. We did not come out until my mom came home. When my mom came home she said, “What is wrong?’’ “There is is is is a a a gho ghost in the basement.’’ “No there isn’t.” “Yes there is’’ “Whatever. Is the dog ok?’’ “Yes she is fine’’ “Ok good’’

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