Calendar Instructions

Creating a City Spark account

Note: If you have a City Spark account for another newspaper, you do not need to create a new one.

To enter the City Spark portal for the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, type in into your web browser. You can search the calendar here. On the right hand side, you’ll find a box to add an event.


It will prompt you to sign in to City Spark if you have an account
or ask you to create an account.

To create an account, click on “Need a login? Create new City Spark account.”


It will ask you for your email – you can use the email for your organization as long as you have access to it – and your name and it will ask you to make a password and confirm it. This email will receive notifications on the status of your events: when they've been submitted and when they've been approved.


Once created, you will be redirected to a page where you can submit an event.


Creating an event

To submit an event, click on the +ADD EVENT button from the Calendar page. If you are not already logged in, it will ask you to do so.


The first screen will put in basic information of your event to double-check that your event is not yet in the system. The form will ask you to enter the name of the event, the city and state where it's located, the country, and the name of the venue. After entering that information, events will similar information will appear below. Check to see if your event is listed. If it is, you can end the process or you can select the event to edit information. If your event is not listed, click the button “Not Found? Create New Event,” which will bring you to a longer form.


Many fields in the form are self-explanatory. All fields marked with an asterisk* are required and will also show up with a red outline if left empty.




Event title: This should automatically be filled out from the previous page. Keep these brief and to the point. Avoid using colons and excessive punctuation. Do not use all caps.


Event Detail URL: This can be a link to your organization's website, Facebook or an event listing on services like EventBrite




Location Name: This should automatically pull from the previous page. The title of the venue. You can also include a room number.


Street Address: This is required, particularly for places outside the Ledger-Transcript's regular coverage area. Please abbreviate St. and Ave. and spell Drive, Square, Highway, Route.


City, State Code: This should automatically pull from the previous page.


Country: The United States is the default.


Zip Code: This is not required, but helpful. City Spark is an international platform and anyone can search any calendar anywhere.


3. DATE and TIME


At minimum, a date is required.


Start time is not required for all day events, but is not required. End time is suggested but not necessary. Please check to make sure that you select a.m. and p.m. time correctly.


For events that repeat you can set it to repeat on a schedule. For example, every Tuesday, or the first Sunday of the month or the 4th of every month. If the schedule is not regular, you can manually add one date at a time and customize it. This is helpful for things such as performances, which may run Thursday through Saturday at one time and Sunday at another.




Categories: You can choose up to three categories out of hundreds, just one or two is sufficient. See “Monadnock Ledger-Transcript calendars” below to see what categories are best to select for the calendar you want your event to appear in and that best fits the type of event you are hosting.


Upload an Image: Based on the categories you select, City Spark will display suggested images. You can also upload your own photo or an image file of your event's flyer. This will only appear online.




Description: This field appears online only and can be as lengthy as you would like. You can include what the event is about, songs in a performance, reviews, etc. You do not need to repeat date and time information, location, or cost.


Labels: This is not something you fill out. It is for administrative purposes only.


Print Description: This field is similar to the first description and appears in print only. It is limited to 150 characters (letters, numbers, symbols and spaces). This is the space to include age restrictions, rain dates or required materials. You do not need to repeat date and time information, location, or cost.




Media URL: You can include a link to a video that is online. This is not required and only appears online.




Select free or paid event as is necessary for your event.


If paid is selected boxes will appear for a low and high price. If there is only one price, you only need to put something in the low price field.


Price Description: This can explain the cost range, discounts, or registration requirements.


Ticket URL: If you are using a website for registration or ticket sales, you can put the link in this field.




Organization: If a particular group is hosting an event, it can be displayed here.


Contact Name: If someone wants more information, who should they contact?


Email address: Email is frequently used as contact for more information. If you aren't comfortable with publicly displaying your email, consider typing in the web address for your group or event.


Phone Number: New Hampshire phone numbers do not need to include the (603) area code. Out-of-state numbers/cell numbers with non-New Hampshire area codes should include the area code.


NOTE: For all fields, please avoid using symbols like &, *, %. For whatever reason, they do not translate well from the form to the calendar and often appear as gibberish code.


When all fields are filled, click “Next” and a screen will pop up for you to review the information. You can choose “Back” to make any last-minute edits or “Submit and Finish” to finalize the event.  A page offering options to promote your event on the website will display next. All listings online and in print are free, but you can pay extra for the promotions. Choose an option or scroll to the bottom to continue without additional promotion.


When complete, you will the opportunity to submit another event if you wish, and you will receive email notification your event is submitted.


Monadnock Ledger-Transcript calendars


Each of the print calendars below includes the listings within the specified top-level categories (and the contents of their respective sub-level categories). If you want your listing to appear in print, you must put it in a top-level category or a sub-level category that “rolls up to” a top-level category specified.


Community Calendar -- A Weekly Guide To Your Resources

Runs: Tuesdays

Region: Monadnock Ledger-Transcript coverage area


  • within Destinations > Festivals and Fairs, Parties and Reunions, Special Attractions

  • Sports and Outdoors

  • Learning

  • Professional

  • Lifestyle

  • Civic Benefit

  • Special Audience

  • Pursuits and Hobbies

  • Holidays


For example, include entries for the following: book clubs, storytelling,  health and wellness, parenting, pets, hobbies, civic benefits, fundraisers, religion and spirituality, sports and outdoor recreation, cultural activities, reunions, talks and lectures, government meetings, causes and activism, support groups and community groups.


Events Calendar

Runs: Thursdays -- Arts section

Region: Statewide


  • Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts (except Film)

  • Literary Arts

  • within Learning > Talks and Lectures

  • Nightlife


For example, include entries for live music, open mic nights, author readings and events, performances such as theater, dance, comedy, musicals, opera, festivals and markets and museums and exhibits.



Runs: Thursdays

Region: State of New Hampshire

Categories: Movies



Runs: Thursdays -- Arts section

Region: State of New Hampshire

Categories: Galleries

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