• The Francestown Village Store closed on Thursday after over 200 years of operation. Staff photo by Ben Conant

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 2:15PM

A fundraiser scheduled to benefit the renovation of the Francestown Village Store called the Black Fly Ball has been canceled. 

The event was slated to be held this weekend in the Town Hall.

“As the date nears, we find that there is not enough interest in the evening to guarantee its success, so the committee has decided that the only responsible decision we can make is to cancel it,” a flyer on a Facebook page called Bringing Back the Francestown Village Store reads.

Tickets to the event were set at $99 per person. 

“It is most important to us that as many people as possible come and enjoy these wonderful events, but it is also important that we raise funds needed for the project,” the flyer reads. “We are not willing to risk compromising our collective goal with a financial loss on this event.” 

It goes on to say that the store needs “a lot of updating and rehabilitation work in order to reopen.” The 3 Sisters Building Committee has received estimates of about $150,000 in construction costs. While the committee is working to secure grants, it is also relying on private fundraising to cover the majority of its costs. 

The committee is continuing to plan for future fundraisers, including a 5K Race for Our Store on June 23, and a town-wide BBQ picnic on July 7.