Letter: Chief not defined by shooting

Monday, July 24, 2017 7:0PM
Chief not defined by shooting

To the editor:

Brian Giammarino has been an excellent police chief in Greenfield, and he will be missed. He is friendly, courteous, thoughtful, willing to go out of his way, and great at his job. So it seems very unfortunate and careless to lead off a story about his retirement with a recount of probably the worst day of his career. Even in the first paragraph it was brought up as if it somehow defines him and his service to Greenfield. I fault the MLT for poor judgment in this. In fact the article had it backwards: the latter part of the article should have been up front, about how much he has meant to the town in service. The unfortunate event of last year, which I am sure will pain him every day, does not define this man. Most of us in town have no doubt that in that tragic circumstance he did the right thing and did what he was hired to do — serve and protect the community.

How many of us would like to be defined, remembered, or haunted by our saddest day, and have the local media reinforce it for us? Brian Giammarino does not deserve that. Sorry to say, but the choice to arrange the article that way was less than good journalism.

Vinoy Laughner