Kitty Rescue starts new program

Fund a Feral aids cats that are less likely to be adopted

  • Photos by Autumn Lewis and Bekah Martus—

  • Photos by Autumn Lewis and Bekah Martus—

  • Photos by Autumn Lewis and Bekah Martus—

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016 7:20PM

Kitty Rescue is a volunteer organization in Jaffrey that does its best to help all the cats it has and receives..

Recently, Kitty Rescue started a new project called Fund A Feral. The organization currently has around 80 lifelong feral cats – the offspring of stray or abandoned pets that are not spayed or neutered. These cats are less likely to be adopted because of their scared, shy nature.

Since almost all of these feral cats will spend the rest of their lives at the shelter, Kitty Rescue has started a “virtual adoption” for these frightened kitties. With Fund A Feral, for only $10 a month someone can virtually adopt a feral cat exclusively. The $10 a month will help offset the costs of food, water, litter and medical care for the cats. To participate, go to the Kitty Rescue website, www.kittyrescueandadoption.org, and click on the Fund-A-Feral tab.

Kitty Rescue is raising funds to move to a larger location to accommodate all the kitties. The organization’s next event will be at Riverfest on July 30 in Jaffrey, and volunteers will be participating in the Jaffrey townwide yard sale on Aug. 6.

Kitty Rescue and Adoption offers no­kill sanctuary for feral cats and a second chance for stray and abandoned cats. It is located at 11 Plantation Drive in Jaffrey and can be reached at 532­-9444 Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Autumn Lewis is a senior at Conant High School.