Woman drives over Hancock fishing site, destroying equipment

  • James Desrosiers’ ice fishing equipment is broken and strewn about after a vehicle was driven through his setup on Hancock’s Half Moon Pond Sunday. COURTESY PHOTO

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, February 05, 2018 7:16PM

James Desrosiers is out $500 in fishing equipment after a driver ran through the site where he was fishing with his two children on Sunday.

Desrosiers, of Peterborough, and his 20-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter were getting in a little fishing before the Super Bowl on Sunday on Half Moon Pond in Hancock. They’d been on the ice since the early morning hours, and the fish were biting, when he spotted a car on the ice.

“At first, I thought it was a teenager out there doing donuts,” said Desrosiers. “Then she just ripped through my fishing equipment. Just lined up and went straight through it.”

Desrosiers said after driving through his equipment, destroying a $400 ice auger, used for drilling holes in the ice, and three $45 tip-ups, the woman driving the car also allegedly tried to run him down.

Desrosiers said that his son and daughter first hid in the bob-house he had on the ice, and then his son took his daughter and ran to the tree line. Desrosiers said he attempted to get the woman to stop and confront her, but she allegedly continually drove by him, making obscene gestures for upwards of 15 minutes.

Desrosiers called 911, and police were dispatched, but the woman left the ice before they arrived. Desrosier’s son followed her in his vehicle to get her license plate.

According to a press release issued by the Hancock Police Department on Monday, police found the vehicle had entered Harrisville. An officer located and stopped the vehicle, a 2011 Honda CR-Z on Hancock Road in Harrisville.

The driver, later identified as Bonnie Lapointe, 47, of Hancock, allegedly drove off from the stop, causing police to pursue her. The speed didn’t go in great excess of the speed limit, according to police, but Lapoint allegedly disobeyed directives to stop, throwing items unrelated to this incident from her vehicle as she drove.

Lapointe eventually stopped again after over a mile of disregarding the intent to stop her, on Jaquith Road in Harrisville near the Hancock town line.

Lapointe was charged with criminal mischief and disobeying an officer.

Desrosiers said he can only guess at the woman’s motivations.

“As a sportsman, you hear a lot about people that are anti-hunting, anti-fishing, but you don’t hear about this kind of thing,” he said.

No one was injured in the attack, said Desrosiers, who said the only thing hurt was his equipment and pride. The incident has left his young daughter shaken enough that she no longer wants to go out with him, and has made him reconsider Half Moon Pond as a fishing spot, said Desrosiers.

Greenfield police responded to assist Hancock police in this incident. The incident is still under investigation.