Raynor Dental provides $40,000 in free dental services in Peterborough and Keene 

  • Dr. Jonathan Nutt summarizes his visit with patient Neal Pattison of Antrim, after fixing a filling for Pattison during a free dental day provided by Raynor Dental in Peterborough. on Thursday. Staff photo by Ashley Saari

  • Dr. Jonathan Nutt summarizes his visit with patient Neal Pattison of Antrim, after fixing a filling for Pattison during a free dental day provided by Raynor Dental in Peterborough on Thursday. Staff photo by Ashley Saari—Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Tuesday, December 04, 2018 10:50AM

On Friday, Raynor Dental provided just under $40,000 in free dental care for residents across the region.

Raynor Dental, which has offices in Peterborough and Keene, ran its second annual free dental day, in which it provided a variety of dental services to patients.

In August, Raynor Dental merged its Peterborough practice, formerly located at Monadnock Community Hospital, with Nieskens & Yoe Family Dentistry on Hancock Road. The newly renovated Hancock Road office was packed with patients on Friday, waiting to see a dentist and take advantage of the day of free dental care.

“I have no insurance,” one waiting patient, Jerrica Taylor of Hillsborough said. “It’s nice that they do this for people who don’t.”

Taylor is a nursing student, who said she took off a day of her clinical rotations in order to see a dentist to get a tooth pulled that’s been giving her pain for some time. She said she has a few months left of her schooling before she can secure a job and health insurance, and the free dental day came as a relief.

“I think it’s amazing. more dentists should do this. I don’t know how much money they lose on this, but it’s definitely good for the community and good for the people.”

Neal Pattison of Antrim, said he had come to the clinic because he was currently unemployed and without insurance, but needed an old filling re-done. 

“Free is a great option,” he said.

In fact, Raynor Dental, between its two offices, provided nearly $40,000 in dental services to 121 patients. 

In total Raynor Dental extracted 31 severely infected teeth, restored 44 teeth in various stages of decay with fillings, cleaned the teeth of over 50 patients, many of whom had not had their teeth cleaned in several years, and took 62 X-rays.

Last year, during its free dental day, Raynor Dental provided services for 147 patients. 

Dr. William Yoe, one of the eight dentists who was providing free dental care on Thursday, said lack of insurance was the number one reason his patients were giving for needing the free dental care. 

“There’s plenty of dentists to go to. For people, it’s just a matter of their priorities, especially when they don’t have the insurance to pay for it,” Yoe said.

In addition to counseling patients on home care of their teeth, dentists at the clinic also advised them of community resources to assist them with more regular oral care.

“What a lot of people don’t recognize is the mouth is connected to the body,” Dr. Jay Raynor, who owns Raynor Dental, said. “Infections in the mouth can cause issues with the heart and blood sugar, which can lead to other health problems.”

Chronic mouth pain is also something that’s not going to go away until the teeth are treated, and can lead to abuse of painkillers or addiction, Yoe said.

And, Raynor said, with a nod to a packed waiting room, with nearly 40 people waiting for a dentist, there is an obvious need.

“It just feels different,” Raynor said, of providing a day of free dental care. “It feels good.”

Raynor’s free dental day is open to all, and they have had patients from as far away as Massachusetts and Vermont come in for services. Dentist Dr. Jonathan Nutt said Raynor’s Keene office had people lining up hours before the clinic opened, hoping to see a dentist. 

“We are fortunate we’re able to work in this profession,” Raynor said. “It provides us a certain skill set. If there’s a need, and we can meet it, we should, whether the person can afford it or not.”