Loose calf in West Peterborough may be euthanized

  • Stan Fry moves some of his cows from one Peterborough pasture to another last summer. Staff photo by Ben Conant

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Published: 9/8/2019 3:43:16 PM

A Belted Galloway calf has been loose in West Peterborough all summer.

Owner Stan Fry said the calf escaped from his farm three months ago and has been at large in the area ever since.

While he has been attempting to capture it throughout the summer, Fry said, a neighbor’s complaint over Labor Day weekend may force him to euthanize the animal instead.

Recently, Fry used grain and molasses to lure the calf out, but dogs chased it away before they could tranquilize it.

Over Labor Day weekend, Fry said he was preparing to stage another capture attempt when a landowner, visiting their home in the area, complained when they saw the calf on their property.

Fry said that a discussion with the neighbor resulted in the decision to shoot the calf rather than continue to try to trap it.

When contacted Friday, police said they have only been called to respond to the loose calf once this summer and that was just to ensure it was not posing a traffic hazard. On July 31, police responded to Overlook Farm on Windy Row when the calf was reported in the roadway. The calf left the roadway on its own.

The skittish, unsocialized calf is staying healthy and well-nourished on summer vegetation, Fry said, but is not expected to fare well out in the wild in wintertime.

“It’s a beautiful calf,” Fry said.

Editor’s note: This story originally had a sentence giving information about a grazing practice that was misattributed to Stan Fry. The sentence was removed at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 10. 


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