Grove Street Bridge reopens to thru-traffic 

  • Antrim's Grove Street Bridge reopened to through traffic on Monday, Aug. 28. Staff photo by Abby Kessler

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 9:55AM

Antrim select board announced the opening of its new timber frame Grove Street Bridge. 

The bridge was closed in December 2016 after the state recommend that it close off the passageway. The bridge was red listed by state officials and was included in the state bridge program. It was slated to be replaced in 2022. 

“After careful consideration and research, the BOS decided to replace the bridge with a timber bridge at half the cost of the quotes received for the town’s portion of the cost to build a traditional concrete bridge,” a news release states. 

Town Administrator Donna Hanson said the total cost of the bridge was $112,000.00. She said $41,190 came from the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund and $70,810 came from the fund balance.

“As voted at town meeting in March,” Hanson said in an email. 

It says timber framed bridges are a “new” and “much more cost effective approach” for lighter-use bridges.

The release says Antrim has many more bridges than most comparably sized towns. It says there are four additional red listed bridges, two which will be put through the state bridge program because of their size and the amount of traffic they carry. The other two bridges may be suitable for a timber bridge due to the size and traffic on the bridges.