Conant revamps enrichment system

  • An aerial view of Jaffrey from Conant High School. Staff photo by Ben Conant

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Published: 2/8/2018 7:51:26 AM

Conant High School has revamped its e-block system.

The flexible time slot – originally implemented in the 2013-14 school year – was designed to provide students an opportunity to receive additional support and instruction during the school day but has now been expanded to provide enrichment and potential credit bearing offerings, according to Principal Larry Pimental, during a school board meeting on Monday. 

“The e originally stood for enrichment,” said Pimental. “Enrichment is important, but we’ve made some changes this year.”

Pimental said that students know schedule online what they would like to do during the e-block period, with options including photography, sewing, songwriting, STEM, and small engines. 

Pimental said e-block is currently situated around lunch time Tuesday through Friday, with no changes to the current schedule occurring. 

Pimental said the new format allows for increased options that can teach a variety of interests and skills to students. Pimental said there could be opportunities to get the community involved, including having a banker come in for credit score lessons and an FPU professor who is interested in teaching a course on public speaking.

“it’s not going to be perfect but it’s very exciting,” said Pimental, of the rollout of the new system. 

Questions about credit bearing opportunities and the rigor of the courses were brought up by the school board, with Pimental saying he would provide the board with a course guide with descriptions. Currently, the STEM course is the only credit bearing opportunity. 

Facilities Manager David Reilly gave the board an update on the energy-related projects taking place throughout the district, saying he still counts 63 things that need to be completed. Reilly said many of the things that needed to be completed involved lighting and weather stripping. 

The board gave Superintendent Reuben Duncan the authority to manage the sale of thermal renewable energy certificates (T-RECs) through Froling Energy. 

Reilly told the board that T-RECs are awarded when energy is generated through renewable energy sources, such as the biomass boiler at the middle/high school. The T-RECs can be sold for a profit to companies like Eversource. 

The board awarded a three-year contract to Plodzik and Sanderson, PA to handle the district’s audit services. 

Business Administrator Carrie Broderick said Plodzik and Sanderson had the highest bid, but the district is currently using them and met all of the district’s criteria. 

The board approved the retirement of Assistant Superintendent/Director of Student Services David Beauchamp, which is effective June 30, 2018. 

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