Monday, July 04, 2016 9:0PM

Dietsch for Senate

To the editor:

Jeanne will be an excellent NH senator given her outstanding skills and experience. This includes success in creating and leading private businesses as well as critical strategy for our local economy.

As a technology entrepreneur Jeanne was co-founder and CEO of MobileRobots Inc, a world leader in research robots. She has written columns for Robotics and Automation magazine, studied at Harvard Kennedy School and now blogs on policy topics at Saving Humankind-ness.


Jeanne has led defining and implementing economic vitality strategy in Peterborough. This includes founding and chairing a makerspace non profit (MAxT) to attract and train entrepreneurs and leading the Peterborough EDA strategic planning and marketing. Results include attracting higher paying jobs and understanding how local businesses can connect successfully with the global economy. Given the need for our State to strengthen its support for innovative economic vitality Jeanne will be a valuable senator.

Her skills include the ability to collaborate effectively with others to create and implement critical change.


I highly recommend supporting and voting for Jeanne as NH state senator.


James Kelly