Letter: Sign petition against expansion

Thursday, August 03, 2017 10:13AM
Sign petition against expansion

To the editor:

We are asking our Jaffrey neighbors and concerned people to sign an online petition. The Jaffrey Zoning Board granted Belletetes several variances to fill and pave wetlands to construct a 13,440-square-foot building on Peterborough Street and a 7,200-square-foot truck repair facility on Nutting Road. This covers over 61,000 square feet of land.

My wife and I are appealing this decision to protect our home. You see, we have lived with this business next door for nine years. During this time, our property is flooded yearly with salt and snow melt from the huge snow piles they push onto their small lot. We have lost trees and no longer see some great wildlife. We have erosion forced upon us during every rain storm because they were previously allowed to direct all of their storm water onto our property and two of our neighbor’s property.

One of our neighbors has spent thousands of dollars trying to stop the erosion, with no luck. This family has mature 50-foot trees crashing on their land, because of this erosion. In all fairness, it has to be noted that the State of NH DOT is part of this storm water damage. This same water is polluting the Contoocook River with silt, salt and trash. Belletetes, TF Moran and the Zoning Board have given us and our neighbors absolutely no details or detailed plans on how they will guarantee that this will stop. Yet they are allowed to continue to expand at our expense. This is not reasonable or responsible.

We are asking them to consider the people that live here, not just their wants and needs. Please help us and our neighbors by signing. Simply search “Belletetes Petition” or go to gopetition.com/petitions/belletetes-expansion-zoning-variance-request.html Thank you so much.

Bob and Joan Aho