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Lyndeborough discusses sub-station for fire department

  • The town of Lyndeborough is exploring the option of building a sub-station for the fire department in the town center at some point in the future. Staff photo by Ashley SaarI

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Published: 1/9/2019 4:42:11 PM

During Town Meeting, Lyndeborough residents will be asked to consider whether the town should move forward with planning stages for a new fire department sub-station.

In 2015, the town voted to create a “Safety Complex or Other Options Committee” to look into the needs of the town’s current police, fire and emergency management facilities and identify possible locations for new buildings or explore the options for expanding the current facilities.

On Monday, the Select Board met with the committee to discuss potential locations for a fire department sub-station.

Lyndeborough Town Administrator Russ Boland said in an interview Wednesday that the town is still only in the discussion phase for the plan. Boland said there will be no official warrant article presented to the town in March, but the Select Board has discussed using the “other business” section of Town Meeting to get an informal consensus on whether the town would like to pursue building a sub-station for the fire department in the Lyndeborough Center.

“There will not be a warrant article or a request for the appropriation of money at this time,” Boland said. “They just want to have a discussion at Town Meeting and talk to the crowd to see if this is something they’d like to continue to pursue.”

According to the committee’s report, submitted last year, there are several options for the fire department. The current location could be expanded tot he south to add additional bays, but the fire station would need to acquire property, which may be unsuitable for building due to ledge.

The other option is to continue the current fire station as the main station, and build a substation in the town center, at the current location of the town barn. Or, the department could relocate the main fire station to the town center, and use the current fire station as a substation.

The current fire station has four bays, two from when the station was originally built in 1948, and two from an expansion in 1972. Both the height and length of the bays are too short for most fire trucks, causing the department to have to custom order trucks that fit the bays. 

There’s insufficient space in front of the station to maneuver fire trucks, which must use a portion of the street to enter and exit. There is also not sufficient parking for firefighters, who must park across the street at the library or along the road when responding to the station.


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