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Airing out ‘Sexy Laundry’

  • ”Sexy Laundry” director Kenn McLaughlin with actors Tom Frey and Bridge Beirne.  Staff photo by Meghan Pierce—

  • Staff photo by Meghan Pierce—

  • Staff photo by Meghan Pierce—

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Published: 8/28/2018 10:27:31 AM

Starring real life couple Tom Frey and Bridget Beirne, the Canadian comedy “Sexy Laundry” is having its New Hampshire premiere at the Peterborough Players Wednesday.

“It is a real-time weekend away with a couple, who have decided they are going to go away for the weekend and liven up their lives,” Beirne said.

Bernie’s character Alice brings a library copy of “Sex For Dummies” with her in the hopes of re-kindling her 25-year marriage to Henry, played by her real-life beau Frey.

Their marriage has gotten stale so they go to a ridiculously chic hotel, Frey said, but things don’t exactly go as planned.

“They go there thinking they are going to figure out one thing and I think they figure out something else,” Frey said.

Longtime friend of the Players as well as Beirne and Frey, Kenn McLaughlin, artistic director of the Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston, Texas, is directing. Having directed it several times in the past, he is thrilled to direct his friends in the comedy.

“I always thought of doing this with Tom and Bridget. This is my third time doing it,” McLaughlin said. “I’ve directed it before with actors that are not a couple. … But doing it with a team that is actually couple, there are just notes you can play in a way that you can’t play with other actors who aren’t as knowledgeable about each other.”

Another great aspect about this production is how well known Frey and Beirne are to Players’ audiences, he said, which will just add to the experience.

“Sexy Laundry” premiered in Canada in 2003, McLaughlin said, and became one of the single most produced plays in Canada for a decade after that.

“It’s internationally known. It actually has a production running in Warsaw for six or seven years. There’s a production in the Czech Republic that has been running for years. So it’s very well-known, world-wide, Brazil,” McLaughlin said. “But America, it hasn’t quite taken off in America the way it has in other parts of the world. That’s one of the things I love about it, is being a part of bringing it to American audiences. I directed it three years ago in Houston, which was the American premiere.”

The play takes place in real time and is only an hour and 15 minutes long.

“They go through pretty much everything a couple can go through in that short amount of time,” McLaughlin said. “It is a dense play. Hysterically funny, hysterically funny, then very very moving and poignant at some points. It kind of charts the course of what happens when you’ve been with someone for a very long period of time and how in fact do you keep that fresh. It’s a powerhouse.”

McLaughlin said said audiences are in for a twist “no one expects.”

“It becomes almost a metaphor for how relationships work,” McLaughlin said. “Sometimes they just surprise the living heck out of you and suddenly you are in new territory. ... It takes you on a journey, but it celebrates what it means to commit to another human being and how hard it is and it celebrates how hard it is.”

“It resonates with anyone who has really, really been in love, and been in love with someone for a very long time,” Beirne said.

“Sexy Laundry” is rated PG-13. Tickets are $42.

Tickets can be purchased online anytime at and by calling the Box Office at 603-924-7585.

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