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Review: ‘Love and Information’

  • Jason Lambert and Sarah Sandback warm up during a Firelight Theatre Workshop rehearsal. Courtesy Photo

  • Firelight Theatre Workshop rehearses a scene entitled "Wedding Video." From left to right, Aria Frehner, Jason Lambert, Laura Carden, Jazimina MacNeil, Eddie Gomez, Sarah Sandback. Courtesy Photo

  • Firelight Theatre Workshop actors warm up in a rehearsal.  Courtesy Photo

In the Reviewer’s Chair
Published: 9/11/2019 11:11:15 AM

Complex, adaptive, fluid, and so very, very fascinating, Caryl Churchill’s play “Love And Information” tells dozens of stories of its titular motifs from just as many perspectives. Woven out of dozens of short introspective sequences, some lasting only moments, with the sole connecting units for the whole performance being the ideas laid in its title, it welcomes an audience to ponder why we want for such things.

Stories of hurt and pain brought from love are told, but just as many of desire and tenderness are displayed here; romantic love, love of friends, love of family, love of being simply being loved and being able to dispense compassion in return. And all of it is something to rejoice about. At the same time, questions are asked. Why do we do the things we do? Say the things we say? It’s that simple unfolding relay of information and consequential answer tugging us towards what we desire that keeps this beautiful piece of theatre running.

”Love And Information” is brought together by a group of ten actors –Laura Carden, Bill Cass, Aria Frehner, Eddie Gomez, Jason Lambert, Jazimina MacNeil, Molly McDowell, Sarah Sandback, Henry Walters, and David Wolpe – who each play multiple different characters. A vibrant, grand, display of human devotion is drawn all across the performance space as the audience is welcomed to see many different examples of the extent of that which truly binds us as people. From a man in love with a computerized voice, to a man who cannot feel physical sensations of pain, to a group of actors playing a game with each other, each captivating on their own and invigorating in quick succession.

Simply put, this is a study in the overwhelmingly human need for intimacy and connection, for empathy above all else. As is the joy of Firelight shows, the audience is allowed to sit within the story in a very literal sense, adding to that feeling even outside of the proceedings of the play. As the various vignettes within the piece unfold all around, there is truly no bad seat in the room to fall victim to the absolute longing of it all from.

If there is one thing this play makes infinitely clear, it’s that love, in all her infinite faculty and form, will come to reclaim us. Love that breaks and tears us apart, love that binds us back together, love of all varieties and the immense myriad of other feelings, of more morose information, that comes with such a thing will garner a response no matter the situation in which it decides to make its presence known.

Presented by Firelight Theatre Workshop and beautifully directed in a way that feels almost like intricate choreography by Jason Lambert, “Love And Information” opens Thursday and runs through Sept. 29 at the Firelight Studio in the Guernsey Building in Peterborough, 70 Main Street, Suite  #204. More information and tickets are available online at

Cheyenne Heinselman is an actress and a playwright, a member of the International Thespian Society Troupe #7883, as well as an avid and opinionated supporter of the arts.


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