Nonprofit help goes over budget

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Thursday, January 04, 2018 8:31AM

Requests from local charitable organizations are about $5,000 over the town’s budget for assisting such programs.

The town has in the past generally reserved $20,000 for assistance programs that provide services for town residents. This year, programs requesting assistance include Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services for $10,000, Monadnock Family Services at $7,855, The River Center at $3,500, the Senior Lunch Program at the Community Center at $3,350, Community Volunteer Transportation Company at $500 and Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention at $560.

The total of all the requests is $25,765, while the town has a budget of $20,000 for such contributions.

The River Center and Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention are both new organizations requesting funds this year, while Project Lift, which is an adult GED program, and Meals on Wheels, which were both funded last year, did not make requests.

Select Board Chair Tyler Ward suggested that the board take 20 percent from each request to meet the town’s budget, feeling that was the most fair way to do it.

Select Board member Barbara Miller suggested that the organizations requesting funds this year, that did not last year amounted to about the difference between the requests and the town’s budget.

Assistant Town Administrator Nicole MacStay responded that while the town has not provided a stipend for the River Center in the past, it is a highly-used resource and that the town used to provide assistance to the organization through a payment in lieu of taxes agreement. 

The board agreed to further discuss the issue with the Budget Committee and when Select Board member Ed Juengst was present for the conversation to give his input.


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