Rindge senior housing project decision delayed for site walk

  • The proposed senior housing development calls for the building of one four-unit and seven two-unit buildings with 12 detached storage garage building. Staff photo by Nicholas Handy—

  • Rindge planning board chair Bruce Donati polls his fellow members about their interest in a site walk for the propose 18-unit senior housing complex. Staff photo by Nicholas Handy

  • The 18-unit senior housing development is proposed on a 10.19 acre piece of land behind KFC/Taco Bell, Valvoline, GFA Federal Credit Union and other nearby businesses. Maps4News

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, June 06, 2018 4:56PM

Rindge’s planning board has delayed any decision on a site plan for an 18-unit senior housing development until a site walk has been conducted.

A majority of board members felt a site walk was needed prior to any talk about approval of the project because of how the development will be accessed by cars as well as potential impacts to the existing traffic flow.

“My only real concern is the traffic impacts on Sonja Drive. It’s been a little while since I got my oil changed but I know its a bit of the Wild West up there,” said board member Jason Paolino, who said he liked the layout of the proposed development. “… I think adding another 18-units on the back end of it can make it more cumbersome than it already is.”

Proposed plans call for the construction of one four-unit and seven two-unit buildings with 12 detached storage garage building with associate parks and driveways. The development will be built on a 10.19-acre parcel of land situated behind KFC/Taco Bell, Valvoline, GFA Federal Credit Union and other nearby businesses. 

Interim Planning Director Kirk Stenersen recused himself during the hearing as he was representing Navian Development – the company that submitted the site plan – through his company Higher Design PLLC. 

Stenersen said plans called to widen the road on the north side of the Phase 10 building – which contains GFA Federal Credit Union and Signature Smiles Dental – to create a proper road to enter the development site. 

A few other concerns were raised at the meeting, including having Fire Chief Rick Donovan provide his opinion about the site plan regarding safety. Stenersen said he would look into all issues for the follow up meeting. 

Board members also discussed the possibility of finding a way to line Sonja Drive and parking lots off the roadway to better define the area. 

The board has scheduled a site walk for June 11 at 6 p.m. The board is meeting at the site, which is at the northern-most point of Sonja Drive.