Letter: Sexism can hurt

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:17AM
Sexism can hurt

To the editor:

The Jaffrey Public Library Board of Trustees revealed that sexism can hurt females in America.

At the June 26 Public Hearing for fired 40-year employee, Ms. Marilyn Simons, I heard two charges against Ms. Simons that were sexist.

One charge against this woman, Marilyn Simons, was that she didn’t smile enough at everyone.

The second charge against Ms. Simons was that she had stated to newly-hired Library Director, Julie Perrin, that she (Marilyn) had at times felt angry about something in the Jaffrey Public Library.

Let us ask, if Ms. Marilyn Simons were Mr. Martin Simons, would he be required to smile more? Also, would Mr. Martin Simons be required to “hold his tongue” if he felt angry about something at the Jaffrey Public Library?

I ask the Jaffrey Public Library Board of Trustees to sponsor a public seminar on sexism. 

Kathryn Forry