Letter: What about infant rights?

Monday, July 24, 2017 7:0PM
What about infant rights?

To the editor,

In the most recent paper you displayed many articles and viewpoints from a woman’s perspective. I applaud the effort to shine light on some issues facing women today. However, one major issue that always seems to be framed as a “woman’s” issue is the question on what I call “infant rights.”

The question “What is the biggest issue facing women today?” was asked of four women. One of the responders made the comment “I think people are having trouble getting beyond the sensational abortion thing.”

I assume the “thing” she was talking about were the videos of members of Planned Parenthood advocating for post-abortion infant body parts for use in “scientific work.”

I know that the scourge of abortion will not be ended anytime soon, but why is this simply a matter for women? Both male and female children are systematically murdered each day in the name of reproductive rights.

What about the rights of the infant? Why is it so odd to fight for infant rights when no one is as innocent as a child in the mother’s womb? No one believes that a child conceived will be anything other than a human being. Certainly we can do better than to have the discussion be about the woman from one political position and about the child from the other. Let us take care of both while educating all parties involved before an abortion so the parents are cared for and a human life is saved.

Perhaps if our society embraced patient resolve in sex rather than open licentiousness this would be less of an issue. I understand the opposing argument, but I do not find it persuasive enough to advocate for the destruction of innocent human life in the name of expediency and science.

Pastor Paul GarD

Monadnock Congregational Church